You’ve probably asked your beautiful friend so many times why she is single and not in a rush to have a family. You can joke about it, but the roots of the problem run much deeper.

More and more beautiful and intelligent girls prefer not to have relationships. Approximately 50.2% of Americans are single, corresponding to approximately 124.6 million people, and there are more single women than married women in the United States.

We decided to study this problem and find answers to why it happens.

6. Modern Women Are Independent

Why So Many Smart and Gorgeous Women Stay Single for Years
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Women fight for their rights and are changing the world. More and more women are getting equal or better jobs than men and becoming independent.

They no longer need to ask men for help with physical labor, because they can simply call service and pay cash. And sometimes it is faster than waiting for your husband to solve a problem.

5. Women Are Starting To Respect Their Freedom And Free Time More

So now, instead of cooking at home for her husband and several children after office work, women prefer to spend time alone.

It seems more appealing to go to a spa, salon, shopping, or self-development class than babysitting or cleaning a man’s clothes.

4. Women Are Becoming More Emotionally Stable

Why So Many Smart and Gorgeous Women Stay Single for Years
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When people tell jokes about strong single women with cats, it’s not really a joke. The women became stronger, more emotionally stable, and more educated.

The modern world offers roughly the same opportunities as men. It affects your psychology. You are not afraid of being single without a livelihood.

It would be better to wait for someone like you than to share a bed with a man you don’t love or respect.

3. Modern Women Have Very High Standards

When you earn your own money, have a diploma or 2, take care of your appearance and develop in other areas, you expect a man who will not take you to a lower level in your life.

You cannot accept a man who does not appreciate your efforts. Low standards cannot be tolerated, because they cannot bring you a better life. It’s easier to stay single and keep taking care of yourself.

2. Men Are More Afraid To Meet Beautiful And Smart Women

When men see a beautiful, independent, and intelligent woman, they are not so excited to take the first step, because they think that this incredible woman cannot be single.

Also, no one wants to be rejected. And most women will never take the first step because they already do enough for themselves in life.

1. Modern Women Don’t Believe In Fairytales Anymore

Yes, a woman’s level of trust in men is much lower due to modern standards and the age of consumption. Nobody wants to be heartbroken, and how many stories have we heard about women betrayed?

We have seen movies since childhood in which a woman is a businesswoman running her own company or is very successful at work in general. The modern world gives us modern priorities and we accept them.

Do you have an amazing friend who is still single? Write a comment below if you have any more ideas on why beautiful women stay single for years.