Sleeping in a warm room not only makes us feel uncomfortable and sweaty, but we also lose many of the benefits that we could get from just sleeping in a cold room. Setting the temperature around 65 ° F can make the difference between a bad night’s sleep and a restful night’s sleep.

We want you to get the most out of your sleep, so we’ve listed some of the benefits of making your room cooler when you sleep.

It Helps Us To Stay Fresh And Youthful Looking

7 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

Sleeping in a room with a lower temperature promotes the production of melatonin, also called the body’s “sleep hormone.”

It is also an antioxidant, which means that it acts as an anti-aging hormone for the body.

It Could Help Prevent Insomnia

Studies show that various forms of insomnia are actually associated with higher body temperatures. Many insomniacs have difficulty regulating body temperature, which limits their ability to lose heat.

By making our rooms cooler, we can help our bodies cool down and induce sleep.

It Keeps The Stress Away

7 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

Higher temperatures mean that the body releases more “stress hormones” called cortisol. A cooler room can help keep our cortisol levels in check, and that means less stress and a better quality of sleep.

It Decreases Our Risk Against Certain Diseases

Sleeping in a cold room can lower our chances of developing metabolic diseases like diabetes.

It also improves growth hormone levels, which help prevent heart disease, depression, and obesity. Increasing melatonin also lowers our chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

It Can Result In Deeper And Uninterrupted Sleep

When we are in deep sleep, our body performs essential tasks such as cell repair and memory consolidation but is unable to regulate body temperature.

A rise in temperature can wake us up from our deep sleep, so being in a cold room decreases the chances of this happening.

It Prevents Yeast Infections

7 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

Women can prevent yeast infections by sleeping in a room with a lower temperature.

Bacteria and fungi like to live in warm and humid environments, so keeping the environment cool will prevent them from spreading like a wildfire at night.

It May Also Help Improve Male Fertility

This is because prolonged exposure to heat can negatively affect male fertility. Sleeping in a cold room, along with wearing loose underwear, can prevent this from happening.

If you plan to have a baby soon, this is another reason to lower the thermostat.

Do you prefer to sleep in a cold or warm room? Why?