Millennials are the center of attention, more than any other generation before them. But they are rapidly being replaced by post-millennium generations that are extremely different from previous generations.

They are known as Generation Z or linkters due to their close relationship with technology and devices. They are the people who were born after 1996,  and every year there are more and more of them.

According to some forecasts, in the year 2020, this generation will represent about 1/3 of the Earth’s population and will be the largest group of consumers.

We found information about who post-millennials are, what they want from their lives, how they differ from their parents, and why they are better than previous generations in many ways.

They’re Self-sufficient

What Generation Z Is Like and Why It’s Believed They’re Better Than Us
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Post-millennials want to start making money for themselves long before their parents. Many modern children were born during the period of global economic crisis, so there are very few dreamers or bottom-ups among them: 72% of teenagers want to start their own startup or company.

Additionally, millennials want to turn their hobbies into a stable source of income.

According to statistics, 75% of 18-24-year-olds think their parents’ life experiences are useless. They choose their own path and do not want to learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

Post-millennials prefer not to break the system, but to perfect it. But the most important thing for them is being able to adapt and develop creative skills.

They’re More Free In Their Opinions

Post-millennials are often accused of being too individual. But it is easy to understand why they are like this. They don’t like role models because they can be ineffective and freedom comes with individuality.

The new generation likes the Normcore style, like Kendall Jenner, and they are calmer when it comes to dealing with racial issues.

Post-millennials are less likely to care about their appearance or gender. A recent study showed that only 63% of European adolescents identify as heterosexual and every five people claim to be bisexual.

In other words, the new generation does not want to have limitations on their sexuality. Perhaps in some countries, this trend is not so obvious, but it can already be seen in large cities.

What Generation Z Is Like and Why It’s Believed They’re Better Than Us
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Gender neutrality is all the rage among post-millennials. For example, Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner, who is also a singer, is neutral. She does not highlight her femininity, she only shows her art, not her gender.

They’re Realistic

What Generation Z Is Like and Why It’s Believed They’re Better Than Us

Gen Z had to grow up in the so-called post-9/11 world, so they are used to the atmosphere of uncertainty and variability. So this generation is more realistic about the future.

This is especially true when it comes to professional expectations. Headhunters say 77% of young people realize they will have to fight hard for their jobs.

In addition, Generation Z is more demanding with companies and brands. Young people need to get what they want more quickly and without much effort.

This generation also values ​​honesty, a realistic attitude, and openness more than anything else.

They expect the same attitude from companies, so they prefer commercials with normal people to celebrities.

They Want To Be Natural And Honest

Gen Z doesn’t like the world of glamor and Photoshop. They value being natural and simplistic. Whatever you have had since childhood is much more important than the beauty you have copied.

That said, women with perfect faces, like Irina Shayk and Angelina Jolie, are beautiful, but they seem to represent ideas from the past. Plastic surgery can easily recreate this kind of beauty with a perfectly crafted nose or plumped up lips.

What Generation Z Is Like and Why It’s Believed They’re Better Than Us
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Teenagers don’t try to change or look better than they really are. Therefore, people who have an unusual appearance or an unusual face are considered more modern.

Many young people post on the Internet without makeup, in simple clothes, in front of unattractive buildings, in natural positions.

Teens are just tired of environments full of unnatural things, which is why many YouTube beginners are normal people who have become experts in certain fields.

They Want To Make The World A Better Place

Gen Z not only wants to have material things, but they also want to make the world a better place. Many teens are involved in volunteer work and social entrepreneurship.

Recently, the whole world met 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to the movement against global warming.

Adora Svitak became a public figure in the United States at the age of 14. It works with the problem of education and literacy of children.

She also writes books and earned $ 30,000 in sales, which She used to help Vietnamese schools.

At the age of 13, Logan LaPlante already gave a TEDx conference on modern education. Her YouTube video has been viewed over 10 million times!

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