One study found that being around toxic people in the workplace can lead to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. This can negatively affect the projects and health of people. And, unfortunately, we know that working alongside these difficult colleagues is incredibly common.

We understand that at some point, you may find coworkers who drain your energy in the workplace. For when that happens, we have compiled some tips on how to deal with them in a simple and peaceful way.

Don’t Dive Into Your Coworkers’ Negativity

5 Ways to Cope With Toxic Coworkers and Avoid Confrontation

Imagine joining a new company and being welcomed into a team where people are negative about everything. It’s demotivating, right? Unfortunately, having a co-worker with an abundance of negativity will influence the entire team.

Someone once said, “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.”

That being said, don’t let their negativity weigh you down!

Be Assertive With Your Ideas

You may find coworkers who will try to challenge your decisions or ideas in front of other coworkers just for fun or to make you appear less competent. In these cases, take the right path and ask for their opinion and the opinion of others.

Also, explain your point assertively. This will make you seem more like a leader and a collaborative professional.

Know Your Limits And When To Say No

5 Ways to Cope With Toxic Coworkers and Avoid Confrontation

Sometimes toxic co-workers will try to overwhelm you with activities and that can wear you out. Understanding the scope of your projects and your work will help you say “no” to a new workload.

That way, people will understand what your priorities are before asking you to do another task.

If Possible, Try To Reverse The Situation

There are times when coworkers will develop toxic behavior towards you due to jealousy. Perhaps you are doing better or have good communication with other people; the reasons may vary.

If you identify this type of behavior, it may be a good idea to understand why they feel threatened by your presence. You can also find ways to make them feel less insecure.

To do this, consider teaching them a new skill or recognizing them in front of others. Maybe it will totally change the game on your desktop!

Set Boundaries — Don’t Gossip!

5 Ways to Cope With Toxic Coworkers and Avoid Confrontation

You’ve probably come across gossip in your workplace, especially the malicious kind. One study found that both work-related and non-work-related gossip indicated mistrust among employees.

But we never really know what people are going through in their personal lives. To avoid these toxic co-workers, set your limits and don’t engage in poisonous talk.

What are your experiences with toxic co-workers? How did you manage to deal with his negativity? What are your tips for people facing this difficult situation?