Perhaps, at least once in lives, most people want to go back in time to put younger versions of themselves on the right track.

We familiarized ourselves with the tips of TheQuestion users and learned that, despite all the differences, sooner or later we came to very similar conclusions.

You are doing everything right! Nice job! Do not hesitate, do not stress, and do not think that the world is cruel and that nobody loves you. In fact, everything is fine!

I would have advised myself to not start smoking.

Find a way to sleep for 7 hours at night. You don’t have to experiment and try to be a hero.

13 Valuable Tips People Would Give Their Younger Selves

I would have advised myself to pay more attention to my desires, goals, and dreams. To always think of myself first. It was in my teens that I began to ignore my desires, and now I find it difficult to formulate what I want. And sometimes I’m embarrassed to say that I like something.

I would have advised myself to study more and more because it turned out that I had to make up for a lot of things in adulthood. Everything must be done on time. It is easier and more effective to learn a foreign language at an early age than when you are 30 years old. Education means a lot in life.

To better prepare for your entrance exams, go where you want, not where you can.

Don’t spend as much money on various types of garbage.

Appreciate youth: it is the most beautiful moment that will never return. Enjoy the freedom, play, walk, enjoy your life. Remember This Time Later, you will remember it often and it will help you a lot to understand and raise your children.

Don’t worry so much about studies, semester work, exams. Although you’ll need your specialty, things don’t go the way that seems most logical and natural to you now. Don’t be afraid to apply for various conferences, scholarships, and training programs. Everything is real! Work and learn from those who inspire you with their example.

Wear a hat, warm underwear, and two pairs of socks in the winter. Otherwise, you will freeze your butt and your feet, and they’ll always get cold.

Listen to your parents and try not to offend them.

13 Valuable Tips People Would Give Their Younger Selves

Don’t take so seriously what family members say about each other. Everyone has their own complaints and views on life. Adults are as biased as teenagers.

Be aware of personal information. It is better to delete some files or never create them. And set passwords on your PC and cell phone.

Break up with him now and forget about him forever.

I’ll give myself only this advice: be yourself and follow your dream, whatever happens. This is your life, not your parents or friends. You will live it. If it had been a little more persistent and willful, everything probably would have been different now.