University is not an easy task. From the long application process to the entrance exams, it can be difficult. To summarize, I did it, and you can too. I want to share the exact method I used to get more than $ 100,000 in scholarship funds. You are about to discover how to cultivate the winning mentality, how to find the grants that pay the best and my strategy to complete the applications as efficiently as possible.

There are 3 main steps to getting college scholarship:

  • Adopt a scholarship application mentality
  • How to find scholarships that will pay thousands
  • The only scholarship application strategy worth doing

Step #1: Adopt a scholarship application mentality

One thing I noticed is that many people just hope to get a “scholarship” for college.

Instead of waiting for a scholarship, you should reword it to “I hope to get many scholarships.”

This is a mindset of abundance, and it is incredibly important when you start applying for different scholarships.

Which means two things:

  • Instead of waiting for a great scholarship or a full tour, you should register as much as possible. After all, $ 500 here and $ 1,000 there can really add up.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have one to apply for. Scholarships are a numbers game, and many have only a few applicants.

Use all the resources at your disposal: apply for any relevant scholarship you find. After launching a broad network, it greatly increases your chances of getting more money for school.

Step 2: How to find scholarships that will pay thousands

If you are a high school student, you have many scholarship resources available. They can be divided into five areas:

  • High School Career Centers
  • Library and bookstore
  • Scholarship Research Sites
  • Ethnic organizations
  • Friends and family

With these characteristics, you can earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money. That’s how:

High School Career Centers

First, go to your high school’s career center. If your school does not have a career center, your school counselor can also help you.

Most high school career centers maintain an updated list of scholarships sorted by date. Read that list and write all the scholarships that apply to you. You should literally write the information for each information; It will be necessary when you actually start the application process.

Do this on a Google or Excel spreadsheet. When you record, I suggest you write the name of the scholarship, the amount, the due date and if you have not yet registered.

When you put it together, this is what it looks like:

Scholarship nameWhat it’s worthDue dateApplied
IWT Scholarship$2,50005/16Yes

Of course, you can be as detailed as you want with your spreadsheet and include items such as GPA requirements and whether or not you need an essay.

Once you have exhausted your school’s scholarship list, call other high schools and ask if you can come and talk to them about which scholarships might apply to you.

This right. I want you to call other high schools in your city to see what scholarships they have. They really love it because no high school student strives to get scholarships.

If you show a small initiative in your educational future, they will be happy to help you. Do exactly the same as you did with your school’s scholarship resources and record everything that is relevant to you.

When I was in high school, I ended up applying for 60 scholarships at my school’s career center, and I won thousands for college in the process.

Library and Bookstore resources

When you have finished with all the scholarships, go to a bookstore or library and get the latest copy of an annual scholarship book.

These books are complete catalogs of grants and scholarships that you can obtain as a high school student. These are FANTASTIC resources if you are looking for money for college.

Here is a list of some good scholarship books to look for:

I have included Amazon links here so you can see them, but I suggest you buy them at your local bookstore so you can start as soon as possible.

Once you have the book, do what you did with the high school scholarship resources and write down all the scholarships you wish to apply for.

Scholarship Research Sites

After reviewing all the scholarships you can through the aforementioned resources, you can access different search engines and websites that can help you find scholarships.

Many include features that allow you to search for specific criteria, such as:

  • Specific school scholarships
  • Amount of money earned
  • GPA Requirements
  • Exam Requirements

You can configure email alerts to receive automatic notifications when websites find grants that also meet your specific needs.

Here are some great suggestions to help you find scholarships:

Grants for ethnic organizations

Ethnic organizations of all backgrounds tend to offer scholarships. This can help you earn hundreds, if not thousands, of wallet money.

Many of them have an ethnic base, which means they will need to have a certain race or background to qualify for the scholarship.

Some suggestions:

Obviously, simply meeting the racial criteria of scholarships based on ethnicity is not enough. You must stop the application (more on this later).

Friends and family

Talk to your friends, parents and parents’ friends to see if they know of any scholarships.

There are many companies that offer scholarships, companies where people you know work. So ask around! Some of the best scholarships come from some of the most unexpected places.

When I applied for scholarships, my sister worked at Kaiser, which offered a scholarship to relatives of Kaiser employees.

My mother is a teacher and knew about a scholarship offered by the California Teachers Union.

These are scholarships to which almost no one applies because many high school students simply cannot ask about them. Then, when you discover one, you will automatically have an advantage over everyone else.

If you feel uncomfortable, know that everyone wants to help a high school student. They don’t find it “weird.” In fact, they will find it admirable.

Which brings us to my favorite part …

How To Get Scholarships For College 2020 (+ mistakes to avoid)
How To Get Scholarships For College 2020 (+ mistakes to avoid)

Step 3: The only scholarship application strategy worth doing

Ok, now you have your (hopefully) large list of possible scholarships to apply for.

The strategy is simple: it’s time to apply to ALL of them.

This may seem an incredibly daunting task. After all, these applications generally require you to do two things:

  • Send a letter of recommendation
  • Write an essay (or something short)

However, there is an easier way to carry out the process that does not involve creating more than 60 unique trials.

Don’t get me wrong: each application will take time and a little nuance to create a compelling case for you, which will make the reader cry out to give you the money in the bag.

But you can make the process much more effective and simple by simply looking at the letters of recommendation and essays.

letters of recommendation.

Most high school students are afraid to ask for letters of recommendation. It is a bit strange to ask a teacher or other trusted adult to write a brilliant recommendation for you.

HOWEVER, if you were a good student and had a good relationship with your teachers, they would be happy to help you with your letter of recommendation. Most students never do this, so they will be happy to help.

He will want to address it in the same way that I request a testimony: politely and with most of the work already done.

When you ask your teacher for a letter of recommendation, you can give him several things:

  • A broad overview of what you want to highlight
  • 2-3 key points that should be addressed (maybe it is something specific to the scholarship?)
  • Your resume so you have a reference to your achievements

If you provide them with almost everything they need, they will be more than happy to provide you with an incredible letter of recommendation. In fact, many teachers ask you to write a draft that they can edit and sign.

Write an exceptional college application essay

When it comes to writing a surprising scholarship study, I have developed a complex and complex process of algorithms and systems that you must follow EXACTLY if you want your writing to take off.

The steps are:

  • Find out what most students will write about
  • Write something else

… and that is it.

Why does this work? Most scholarship trials made the judges cry.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who reads your application: it will read hundreds, maybe thousands of them a day. And the fact is that 99.99999% of the applications read will be almost exactly the same.

Oh, did you get good grades? Were you in any extracurriculars? Was your missionary trip for the first year of Honduras “transformative”?

Get inline. What is particularly unique about any of these things? Not much

And if you follow the same formula as everyone else, I guarantee that your application will not be seen again.

However, if you subvert the expectations of the portfolio judge, get and keep your attention, allowing you to present your case correctly.

To do this, you must follow the two steps mentioned above.

First: find out what other students will write about

You are sitting in front of your laptop, the writing message of the bag is in front of you and you are ready to dive.

Before writing a single word … STOP!

Think of other people who apply for exactly the same scholarship: what will they write about?

What is the easy answer to the warning … and how can you subvert it?

When I was registering, I received a written request asking: “If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”

Classic fast Then I started to think.

Nelson Mandela? Meh … that would be the “logical” option. And to be honest, having dinner with Mandela would not be the most exciting thing for a 17-year-old.

Maybe President Clinton? It would be good to brag about rights … but what would we talk about?

Given that warning, I could have written some BS about Mandela or the President, but it would have sounded as if someone else was applying for the scholarship. Besides, I really didn’t want to meet them.

It is almost like the people who register forget that it is a competition. A coach would say to his players: “Okay, guys, let’s play against all the teams in our division next week, so let’s make the same moves over and over again.”

No. So why would you like to do that too?

So, when it came to who I wanted to have dinner with, I decided to go with my stomach and choose someone different: Chris Rock.

Which brings me to the next step …

Next: Write your Application with UNIQUE answers

When you step back and consider common quick answers, you can find an answer that subverts the judge’s expectations and keeps your attention.

In my case, while other students wrote about historical figures, I chose Chris Rock, the famous comedian.

My essay continues to argue that, although he is perceived simply as a comedian, he is actually a very astute social commentator. His jokes revealed what we mean, but we don’t articulate it, because we are afraid to do it.

I even deconstructed one of his jokes and made an in-depth analysis of why it was an examination of the racial attitudes that our society has.

And it worked.

My approach was unusual but professional. When looking for unique angles, you should not make it offensive or inappropriate. Instead, try to make it deep, personal and a little upstream.

To show you what I mean, here are some common essay tips, as well as the boring answers that judges will usually see AND an example of a good answer.

This is the most comprehensive way to win college scholarship. If you are interested in other countries’ open scholarship to check out our top scholarship category. For more scholarship guide keep visiting Student Guide.