The last thing we expect to happen when a child asks for ice cream on a hot day is for it to be put directly on their head. This is a change that no one could have predicted. We suddenly realize how random the world is and perhaps feel the need for a personal fortune teller to help us.

Enjoy these photos that we share with you, where you won’t know what comes after each photo.

1. My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.”

2. “Someone came for an interview at my work the other day and casually drove off without their shoes.”

3. “I legit thought I’d cycled past a zebra till I stopped to look back for a double-take.”

4. My team said we were dressing as dominoes…”

5. “I bought 6 donuts. She ate her 2 immediately. After telling her she couldn’t have my last donut, she grabbed the box and did this.”

6. “My number for the country’s final exams was 11412. I signed up for the local coast guard this week and my number is 11412.”

7. “It’s ’70s day, and this kid is dressing for the 1770s.”

8. “Mozzarella sticks with no mozzarella”

What is the most inexplicable thing you have seen? What was your most ridiculous experience when a product did not appear as advertised?

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Preview photo credit PotentialApathy / Reddit