It is always interesting to observe the changes that feminine beauty ideals undergo over time. Not to mention the ways the beautiful half of humanity tries to obey these notions.

We were fascinated by the results of a recent study by a well-known British underwear brand.

How the Ideal Female Figure Has Changed in the Last 60 Years

In the last six decades, the average weight of women has increased by 11.5 kilograms. This is understandable, as the average height of women has increased by 3.5 inches. As a result, women have acquired a more seductive and curvy physique.

Women’s breasts increased, on average, by 2 sizes. In the 1950s, women used to be smaller and had a six-inch slimmer waist than normal now.

They also had an actual foot size similar to Thumbelina’s – 3 sizes smaller than the current average. In 1957, women wore size 8 clothing. In 2017, the average size increased to 12.

How the Ideal Female Figure Has Changed in the Last 60 Years
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The experts who conducted the study believe that these changes are related to the overall improvement in the quality of life of women.

Today’s women earn more money, lead a healthier lifestyle, exercise more often, and enjoy a better diet.

In 1957, on average, a woman consumed approximately 1,800 calories a day. In 2017, the same statistics were around 2,300 calories.

Therefore, modern beauties have every reason to be happy with these changes.

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