Everyone knows that love makes us feel good, but did you know that there is the real science behind it? We want to show you some of the most amazing and scientifically proven effects that love has on your mind and body.

What Does Love Do To Your Body?

Love Is A Natural Pain Relief

How Does Being In Love Affect Your Body?
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We all know that hugs are good and comforting. However, recent studies have shown that oxytocin (a chemical in the brain that creates a sense of calm and closeness) released during a 10 to 20-second hug can effectively combat pain, specifically headaches.

Additionally, just looking at a photograph of your loved one increases your resistance threshold and reduces pain (to 40% in moderate cases and 15% in severe cases).

Our brain associates the image of our partner with a pleasant distraction that makes any type of pain more bearable, thus acting as an analgesic.

From a different perspective, scientists have also shown that sexual stimulation and especially orgasms also block pain. This is especially effective for chronic back pain, arthritis symptoms, and cramps.

Love Takes Care Of Your Heart

Studies show that expressions of love cut your heart rate in half. This is even more effective in stressful situations and reduces your long-term risk of heart disease.

In addition, oxytocin, known as the love hormone and considered one of the most surprising molecules in the world, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces normal and social anxiety, increases self-esteem, and helps us avoid and fight depression.

Love Helps Your Body Fight Illness

Gestures related to love, from holding hands to sexual activity, increase the production of endorphins which, in turn, stimulate our immune system.

Also, physically challenged people who feel loved have a much better response to treatment and a stronger motivation to fight disease.

Love Treats Insomnia

How Does Being In Love Affect Your Body?
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Love hormones (oxytocin and endorphins) inhibit the release of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress, and in turn, naturally, promote better rest. In addition, the “hormonal reset” of lovemaking has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective treatments for a good night’s sleep.

Love Diminishes Addiction Probability And Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiates, cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol are very addictive because they affect the levels of dopamine in our body. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for a sudden surge in pleasure and euphoric effects.

Passion works the same way. However, in addition to dopamine, it also increases the release of testosterone and oxytocin, which are the best combination to avoid and fight addiction.

In other words, being in love fills your life with the pleasure and ecstasy you need. But at the same time, feeling loved while struggling with addiction literally helps you deal with withdrawal symptoms and reduces your cravings.

Love promotes longevity

How Does Being In Love Affect Your Body?
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Research shows that people in meaningful relationships, especially marriage, feel healthier and benefit from a healthy lifestyle (including food choices, regular meals, better rest, less stress, etc.).

Being together also helps people prevent and makes them more likely to deal with physical problems more quickly. This basically showed that people who are in love and in a serious relationship tend to live longer.

Love Is Therapy

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, but most of the time it is because they want to be heard and understood. Of all the specialists in the world, the most capable and available person to offer you versatile and efficient “therapy” is the partner you value.

The support and affection of your lovers are mentally and physiologically the main (and sometimes even the only) “remedy” you need to deal with your phobias, depression, social anxieties, and, finally, your physical condition.

Love and meaningful relationships don’t just happen to us. We choose to love, improve our relationships, behave differently, and ultimately we choose to be happy and stay healthy.

The great psychologist Robert Sternberg says, “Without expression, even the greatest love can die.” With that in mind, open your heart and show your love, because this is the most efficient way to get more love.

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