Humanity has been trying to solve the mystery of dreams since they existed. Today there is even a special discipline in the study of dreams called oneirology. Those who prefer the esoteric side of things to science love to interpret their dreams according to various dream books and believe that they can predict the future.

But psychologists think that dreams accurately reflect our current condition and that from time to time our subconscious tries to tell us something important through dreams.

We have learned that there are dreams that are common to everyone. Each of us sees this type of dream from time to time. These dreams are caused by our ancestral instincts, a cultural code, the experience of our ancestors, and personal experience.

The psychologist and expert in the field of dreams, Patricia Garfield, calls them “universal dreams” and says: “Like a stew rich in local products, universal dreams differ between different peoples, but they are all nutritional variants of the same healthy meal. They are as old as humanity and as ubiquitous as our planet. “


Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

In adulthood, we see falling more often than flying. According to psychologist Ian Wallace, the dream of falling symbolizes the fear of losing control. You can no longer control something in your life because some drastic changes have occurred in your life that you were not prepared for.

Think about what area of ​​life (work, relationships, finances, health, etc.) you feel most repressed or vulnerable, as well as the ways to correct it.

Some scientists explain the fall of dreams with a simple physiology. As your body sinks into sleep, your nervous system begins to calm down, your blood pressure and heart rate drop, and your sleeping brain (especially if it has been overloaded during the day) may perceive this physiological change as a danger or a near death and therefore makes you wake up suddenly.

The opposite version of this dream is to fly, which means to free yourself from a heavy load and obtain the desired freedom.

Teeth That Fall Out, Injuries, And Death

Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

Our subconscious interprets the teeth as a weapon, the indicator of strength and the ability to “bite” a piece of the world. “You may have recently felt unarmed and helpless in the real world,” which is how Penney Peirce explains.

Another specialist in the study of dreams for many years, named Patricia Garfield, relates dreams in which teeth fall out with hidden anger. As a general rule, when we suppress anger, we clench our jaws and our teeth can begin to creak and grind. This dream may be indicating that it is time to let go of negative feelings.

We can often have dreams in which someone close to us is hurt, sick, or dying. These dreams cause consternation, however, from a psychological point of view, not everything is so bad.

They are simply our fears of the future and the inevitable changes that happen to those close to us. If you see your own death, it means that a part of you is dying and is left in the past to make room for something new.

“Opposite” dreams about birth and recovery often appear when something new is happening in a person’s life (such as a new job or project) and symbolize a new experience.

Failure At An Exam Or Public Performance

Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

You are about to take an exam and you suddenly find that you cannot remember anything or that you cannot say a word in front of a large crowd. These dreams can be lived not only by students and schoolchildren, but also by people who graduated a long time ago.

Chances are you experienced some stress just before going to sleep or were extremely worried about something. In that case, it is better to take a short break and relax.

Inappropriate Clothes Or An Absence Of Any

Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

In your dream, you appear in a public place with inappropriate clothing or absolutely nothing. In this situation, it is important to pay attention to the feelings that you encountered in your dream.

These dreams are often followed by a feeling of shame and embarrassment. Psychologist Ian Wallace observes: “This means that you feel vulnerable in your new job or new relationship and are afraid that others will find out about your weaknesses and disadvantages.”

However, if you are not feeling ashamed in your dream, but are feeling proud of yourself, the dream has the opposite meaning. Perhaps you lack recognition and admiration and would like others to see more of your talents and personality.

If you are going to face an important event in life in the near future and you have a dream in which you or your friend appeared dressed inappropriately, that means that you have some doubts about the event. For example, a bride may see her groom in a clown costume before the wedding.

Being Chased Or Persecuted

Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

These dreams have many different meanings. An expert in the field of dreams named Lauri Loewenberg says: “People who tend to avoid conflict, who fear irritating feathers or causing problems, will have the recurring dream of being persecuted.”

Pay attention to what comes after you: they symbolize an unpleasant feeling or situation in which you try not to think in real life. It could be a debt or an addiction. Is someone you know chasing you? Think about what or with whom you associate this person.

They can indicate to another person or even a part of your personality that you do not want to admit (such as a hidden talent or aspiration) in your dream.

There is also the theory that dreams of running away from someone are simply echoes of primitive instincts that are in our genes thanks to our ancestors. All because they were constantly running away from predators.

Have you had any of these dreams or do you see something different? Let us know in the comments!