Life is a journey of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, mountains to climb, and oceans to explore. Good and bad times. Happy times and sad times.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the journey, somehow you keep going, and that’s what makes you so magnificent. One day, you are wondering what the heck will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

And the next, you’re perfectly in the flow, writing the most important book of your entire career. What no one tells you, though, when you’re a wide-eyed kid, are all the little things that come with “growing up.”

11. Your Dream Doesn’t Really Matter To Anyone Else

Some people may be interested. Some may support you in your quest. But at the end of the day, nobody cares or will ever care about your dream as much as you.

10. Friends Are Relative To Where You Are In Your Life

11 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life

Most friends only stay for a period of time, usually in reference to their current interests. But when you move on or your priorities change, so too do the majority of your friends.

9. Your Potential Increases With Age

As people get older, they tend to think that they can do less and less, when, in reality, they should be able to do more and more, because they have had time to absorb more knowledge.

Being good at something is a daily habit. You weren’t just “born” like that.

8. Spontaneity Is The Sister Of Creativity

If all you do is follow the exact same routine every day, you will never be open to moments of sudden discovery. Do you remember how spontaneous you were as a child? Anything can happen at any time!

7. You Forget The Value Of “touch” Later On

When was the last time you touched the rain?

When was the last time you sat on the sidewalk and looked closely at the cracks, the rocks, the dirt, the only grass growing between the concrete and nearby grass?

Do it again. You will feel so connected to the fun of life.

6. Most People Don’t Do What They Love

11 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life

It is true.

The “masses” are not the ones who live the life they dreamed of. And the reason is that they did not fight enough. They did not make it possible for themselves.

And the older you get and the more you look around, the easier it is to believe that you will end up being the same.

Do not fall into the trap.

5. Many Stop Reading After College

Ask someone you know about the last good book they read and I bet most of them will say, “Wow, I haven’t read a book in a long time.”

4. People Talk More Than They Listen

There is nothing more ridiculous to me than listening to two people talking “one” to each other, neither listening, but waiting for the other to stop talking so they can start over.

3. Creativity Takes Practice

It’s funny how much we as a society praise and value creativity, and yet we seem to go to great lengths to ban and control creative expression unless it is somehow profitable.

If you want to keep your creative muscle pumped and active, you need to practice it on your own.

2. Your Potential Is Directly Correlated To How Well You Know Yourself

Those who know each other and maximize their strength are those who go where they want.

Those who don’t know each other and avoid the hard work of looking inward, live life by default. They do not have the ability to create their own future.

1. Everyone Who Doubts You Will Always Come Back Around

That kid who used to bully you will come asking for a job.

The girl who didn’t want to go on a date with you will call you back as soon as she knows where you are going. It always happens that way.

Just focus on yourself, be true to what you believe and all those who doubt will come for help.

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