If you are still looking for an alpha male, you may want to reconsider. Believe it or not, beta males are no worse; in fact, they can be even better. In the past, assertiveness and power were the recipe to win over any girl.

However, it turns out that beta males are increasingly winning the hearts of women. We explain why women hunt for beta males while alphas scratch their heads in confusion.

They’re Humble Gentlemen

Why Women Choose “Beta” Males Nowadays
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Beta males are not intimidating, unlike dominant alphas. The latter is overly ambitious, so they tend to be very aggressive and assertive at times. Beta men are good at arguing due to their tendency to avoid conflict.

That is why you will always have your voice and will be heard. Also, the beta versions have lower stress levels than most alphas, which is another point in their favor.

Beta Males Do Their Share Of Housework

Why Women Choose “Beta” Males Nowadays
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Betas never frown upon doing the dishes or vacuuming.  You won’t hear him say things like, “It’s not a man’s job.” If you see a lot of clothes, load the washing machine, it’s that simple.

That said, you will have more time for things other than household chores. How good!

He’s Not A Control Freak

Why Women Choose “Beta” Males Nowadays
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Unlike alpha males, betas do not strive to be dominant in a relationship. Equality is key when it comes to living with a beta. While dating an alpha may seem like fun, keep in mind that they are terribly selfish.

They Are Loyal And Supportive

Why Women Choose “Beta” Males Nowadays
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Beta males do not attempt to score higher on the male scale. They are usually good guys, trustworthy, and always supportive.

That is why they are perfect parents. Betas can set an example of how to respect women and resolve conflicts with words instead of fists.

So if you are in love with a beta version, prepare yourself for unconditional love and security.

He Won’t Make You Sit At Home

Why Women Choose “Beta” Males Nowadays
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In fact, a beta male is a great match for a strong, independent woman. Feel free to do whatever you want: work or sit at home. Betas can bring home bacon too, but they don’t get stressed out if you’re the one doing it.

That kind of guy doesn’t feel threatened if you’re more successful. A real beta will pat you on the back and walk into the kitchen to bake a cake.

Would you date a beta man? Do you think this type of guy is perfect?