We believes that love is the most brilliant and honest feeling in the world. And these little stories, filled with tenderness, romance, and happiness, are more than capable of making even the most staunch skeptics realize that true love exists and will live forever!

#1. Today my husband told me: “If I had known what a wonderful wife you would be, I would have come to see you as soon as I learned to walk!”

7 "Overheard" Stories That Prove Love Really Does Exist
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#2. Last year, my husband had to go on a sudden business trip the same morning as Valentine’s Day. But it didn’t leave me bored and helpless! When I came home that night, I found my favorite chocolate cake and a card with a heart on the dining room table. The card contained exactly three words, but those words really made me happy: “Just for you!”

#3. My husband has a constant body temperature of 96.8 and my temperature is 98.6. So my love freezes all the time and I’m always hot … You can’t imagine how good it feels for both of us to sleep in each other’s arms: it warms up, while I cool off. We are an ideal couple!

7 "Overheard" Stories That Prove Love Really Does Exist
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#4. My grandmother got married at an early age to a man she didn’t love. Throughout her life, she had strong romantic feelings for another person. At first, they could not be together for their spouses and later for their children.

Then, in their 90s, they met by chance in a hospital. The first thing her former crush said to her was “I finally found you!” Now they are determined to live together with the little that is left of their life.

#5. Today I woke up to find that my husband had put my makeup on me while I was sleeping. “I did it so you would have more time to sleep,” he explained. By the way, my husband is a professional makeup artist!

#6. My grandmother is 89 years old. Not long ago, her fiance, from ’98, gifted her a luxury Mercedes with the words “I just want you to drive a quality car!”

#7. My husband and I were walking around town last night. Just hanging out, playing games, and talking. Suddenly a young couple came up to us and asked if we could provide our email addresses.

They explained that they saw us kissing and couldn’t resist following us for an hour, taking photos. This is how our family photo archive has been expanded with hundreds of new images of us happy. Our marriage turned 25 years old. What a wonderfully unexpected gift to commemorate this occasion!

Based on materials from OverheardWard No. 6