We meet people unexpectedly and assume it’s just a stage, but fate has other plans. Love may seem impossible at first, but for some reason, it finds us and makes it possible. This can result in the perfect fairy tale to share with others that is truly magical.

We have compiled stories of people who have shown that love has no limits and wherever you find us, it will always be the kind of love we are looking for.

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When I was younger, my best friend made a casual comment: “If you were a girl, I would love to go out with you.” I think it was a joke at the time. A transition later, he was true to his word. We are together now. © speckledspectacles / Reddit

I met a guy on a website. We texted for 3 weeks, and almost canceled our first date because it was raining, I was tired, and someone hit my parked car on the street. I got to the door and he didn’t speak a word of English and was using Google Translate to text me all the time, and now we live together. © megamonster88 / Reddit

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We can’t stand each other. He was dating his best friend, so we still had to interact. I ended up breaking up with the friend for other reasons, but we stayed close. He kept having to interact with the person he couldn’t stand. During years. We grew up with each other, and now we’re married. (And the friend was at the wedding party). © harpejjist / Reddit

I met my husband when I got a new job at a grocery store, and the guy from the deli came and yelled at me for hanging up on customers when he couldn’t figure out the phone transfer process. He was the guy from the deli, and now we’re together.© GoodbyeTobyseeya1 / Reddit

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We met in elementary school. I changed schools before high school and we lost touch. We discovered that we were enrolled in the same university, in the same program. We are married now. © reneeclaireblog / Reddit

My youngest sister and her husband had crushes on each other in high school, they weren’t even allowed to date until they were 16 (within a few weeks of each other). They got married in their 20s, celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary this week, and have 3 adorable little ones. © runnyc10 / Reddit

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I was sitting on a concrete slab having lunch. He sat under a palm tree and yelled at me, “Hey, you can sit here.” I said, “Looks like I can sit here too,” and continued eating. He seemed offended and left, and now we’re engaged. © UnDedo / Reddit

Which of these stories touched your heart? Do you have a story similar to this? Tell us in the comments.

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