If you always give 100%, whether in love, in friends, or at work, but you realize that you are receiving much less than you really deserve, it may be time to review your relationships.

The feeling of being underestimated can lead to stress and discouragement, interrupting your daily life.

We found 6 signs that will help you identify whether or not others take you for granted.

You Feel A Need To Point Out Your Qualities

6 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

When people feel insecure, they tend to point out their good qualities to remind them of their worth. Sharing your stories or experiences with others brings others closer to you, so that you may feel the need to talk about yourself.

You’d Rather Have Someone Say “I Love You” With Their Actions

6 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

If every time someone tells you they love you, you want their words to match your actions, you are probably taking it for granted. Their words seem empty to you and you prefer them to make you feel wanted.

You’re Made To Feel That Your Goals Are Not That Important

6 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

If your partner’s dreams are everything and yours rarely have meaning, it is not a good sign.

This usually happens when the other person is unsure or simply worried about themselves.

They fear that your goal may change you, so they begin to discourage you for selfish reasons.

There’s A Huge Gap Between What You Give And What You Get

6 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

The balance between giving and receiving for both people in a relationship is what makes it stronger. If you are simply giving and the other person continues to receive, they may no longer appreciate the things you do for them.

In The Absence Of Contact, You Feel Sad But The Other Person Doesn’t

6 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

To maintain any type of relationship, two-way communication is required. If your loved ones often fantasize or ignore you, it means that they don’t really value your presence.

Everybody Just Expects You To Help Them Out

When you are always available to people, they begin to assume that you will also be there in the future.

And when you try to say no, they point you out as selfish. Defining clear boundaries and making their value known is crucial.

Can you identify with any of the above? Are you the type of person who goes out of his way to help people or are you capable of saying “no” to them?

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