Many people confuse authenticity with oversharing, and there’s a fine line between the two. Being authentic is not about telling your barista your deepest problems. This is a sure sign that you are sharing too many things that you need to save for yourself and your loved ones.

But for every problem, there is a solution, and we are all committed to finding solutions. We would like to remind you that seeing a therapist whenever you feel overwhelmed is always a good idea.


Some people tend to become extremely talkative when they get anxious in an effort to appear normal in the eyes of those around them. But when they start talking out of stress, they become less able to control what they say and how long they talk.

Also, some people may feel awkward during social events and think that the only way to fit in is to start talking about their life. This is how you end up revealing things in your life that are very personal, which can make others feel uncomfortable.

Loneliness Or An Effort To Create Intimacy

People often convince themselves that they are not alone and continue to feel that way instead of looking for someone else. And when they finally go out and meet people, that’s when they share again in the most uncontrollable way.

Your need to connect and unload all your luggage is so great that it makes others feel uncomfortable.

However, this can be a way to get closer to people and create new bonds. They get too immersed in their relationships too soon, and instead of keeping people close, they push them further apart. That’s because it’s can’t rush into something that takes time to build.

Poor Boundaries And Missing Social Cues


Every relationship, regardless of its nature, needs to have boundaries simply because people want to define them. However, sometimes people don’t understand these limits and don’t receive the advice you send them.

Nonverbal communication is sometimes stronger than verbal messages, but people who tend to share too much can’t easily read them. This is why they tend to share too much, which can make you feel uncomfortable and not know how to react.

Extreme Social Media Use


It is shocking to find that around 40% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 35 regret posting something personal. There is undeniable evidence that people tend to overshare on their social media accounts, whether it’s good news or bad.

Many people will share highly personal information online before sharing it with loved ones in real life. And that can have serious consequences, as you never know who will read your posts and how they will act on them.

How To Know If You Have An Oversharing Personality


You want to connect with other people very quickly. Whether it’s a romantic or friendly relationship, all connections need time to develop and progress in due time. However, if you want to move forward at a fast pace, you’ll be sharing very personal things early on. This is your way of connecting with them, but as a result, you can drive them away.

You thirst for sympathy. Many people talk a lot about their problems, not because they want to vent them, but so that those around them feel sorry for them. Having sympathy towards them is the best kind of attention.

How To Stop Doing It

First of all, you need to recognize the problem. Mindfulness is a practice that can help you get to the root of your problem and why you tend to talk about your problems too much. You must get in touch with your inner feelings before broaching this topic.

Do you overshare to win attention? There are many self-help books that will help you see if you have low self-esteem or not. Perhaps this is the root of your problem and why you need the sympathy of others.

A therapist may be the best option. Your problems may be much deeper and more serious than you think. A therapist will guide you to locate the problem and help you overcome it. It could be something from your past that you were never able to resolve and fix.

Do you feel that you are sharing too much information about your life, even with people who are not very close to you?