Little tricks can make anything less complicated: from cooking to flying to space. The same is true of people’s relationships. Do you want to teach your child to talk to others? Or get a quiet person to speak? You are not the only one. Reddit users reveal a few little tricks that help them every day.

We really trying to improve the lives of our readers and we hope these tips will help you a lot.

I prefer to ask, “What questions do you have?” instead of “Do you have a question?” It turns out that the first leads to questions and the second to silence.

Be nice, even to unpleasant people. There is something charming about the transition from someone who is angry to someone who is in a better mood.

I am a professional poker player. During games, I try to make my opponents laugh while thinking about my next move. Laughter makes them less likely to bluff.

Do you want people to like you? Then ask them for a little favor like “Can you hold my pen for a second?” Will that make their brains think that they like you because why would they help you otherwise?

First, ask for something that you definitely won’t receive, and then ask for something that you really want. It’s called the “Door-in-the-face technique.”

I worked in advertising, and my boss taught me to make a small but notable mistake in the first draft before approval. Clients will notice the mistake, ask you to correct it, and feel good about it. Now I work as a freelancer and when I have difficult clients, I make some mistakes on purpose. Always works.

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I picked this one up from a friend of mine. He used it every time he tried to figure out where to go to dinner with his girlfriend: instead of asking, “What do you want?” and get the typical response, “I don’t know, nothing …” and then, having rejected the suggestions, start with: “What do you NOT want?” I have used this a few times in some of my relationships and it is the question of the gift of God.

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Be direct and ask specific people when you need something. Instead of asking, “Does anyone have a pen?” ask “Who has a pen?” And to ask someone to call 911, say “Okay, you’re wearing the blue jacket, what’s your name? Okay, Tom, call an ambulance.”

I currently manage about 240 people between 6 restaurants. It is often difficult to get them to do what is necessary, but I have found that saying “I need your help” is enough to make them jump in. People want to feel necessary and as if they are making a difference. Expressing that to them makes all the difference in the world.

If someone is upset or angry, just say, “This is completely understandable.” It gives them a victory and deflects their emotions so that they are not directed at you because you understand and can be on their side.

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Which of these tricks do you find the most useful and why?