Some psychologists claim that the fact that we see a rich and detailed picture of the world is just an illusion. Because if it is not interesting, we are not paying attention.

At any moment, we are aware of only a small part of what surrounds us now and we do not realize what is hidden from our consciousness. The refrigerator light always seems to be on because when it is dark, we are not looking.

We decided to light up some of the places you might pass dozens of times, but we never knew exactly where to look for more details.

7. Disneyland’s Secret Club 33

7 Well-Known Places That’ve Been Hiding a Secret For a Long Time
© Pixabay© Josh Hallett/Wikimedia

In the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland, there is an exclusive top-secret restaurant: Club 33. Walt Disney needed a place to entertain visiting donors, celebrities, and politicians.

Unfortunately, it was not officially opened until May 1967, a few months after his death. There is a long waiting list to pay the $ 25,000 membership fee and the $ 10,000 annual membership fee to become one of its members.

6. Gustav Eiffel’s Private Apartment

The Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889 and it soon became known that the designer Gustav Eiffel did not forget himself and built a small apartment near the top of the world.

Many members of Parisian high society tried to rent their cozy nest in the sky, but Eiffel rejected them all.

He preferred to use it for reflection and to entertain prestigious guests like Thomas Edison. Today, the apartment is on display for visitors to come and peer into.

5. Secret Chamber Of The National Library Of India

© Biswarup Ganguly/Wikimedia

The history of the construction of the National Library dates back to the days of Raj. That is why archaeologists were very excited to discover a mysterious room in the 250-year-old building.

A room that nobody knew about and nobody could enter because it had no doors, windows, or hatches.

Scientists thought it could be a torture room, or perhaps it contained some unimaginable treasures. But they were all wrong and a bit disappointed: it was a slab full of mud, whose predestination remains a mystery.

4. Times Square’s Noticeable Secret Place

Not all secret places are invisible. Sometimes we look at them all the time. The famous building in Times Square, where the New Year’s Eve ball falls every year, thus maintains its little mystery. Or, in fact, it doesn’t save anything. Surprisingly, it is empty.

Walgreens rents the first 3 floors. The upper floors are occupied by the One Times Square production management team for New Years Eve.

But in between, there is not much else. Which is very mysterious in such a central location.

3. The Vanderbilt Tennis Club In Grand Central Terminal

Another secret that the Grand Central Terminal has hidden since 1960 are exclusive tennis courts on its upper floors. They were opened to the public once, but in 1984 they were taken away and turned into a private tennis club, where celebrities and other wealthy people could play tennis.

In 2009, the Vanderbilt Club was closed and a full-service lounge was created for Metro-North Railroad employees. In 2011, new courts were built and the Vanderbilt Tennis Club moved to the newly constructed fourth floor.

2. The Buried Remains Of Old Streets Beneath London

7 Well-Known Places That’ve Been Hiding a Secret For a Long Time
© Goodwillgames/Wikimedia

At the intersection of Charring Cross Road and Old Compton Street in Soho, there is a traffic island. If you stand right at it and look down at the metal grate on the ground, you will see 2 Victorian street names with tiles glued to the wall below the floor and you will get a glimpse of a forgotten remnant of old London, a small part of a long lost road – Little Compton Street.

At that time, the street level was much lower and there was a bar called Coach and Horses on the corner of Soho.

In 1896, the street level was raised and an office block was eventually built on the Little Compton Street site, leaving it in the past.

1. The Colossus Of The Apennines

This giant half-man, the half-mountain statue was built at the end of the 16th century in Italy and really has a secret to hide. There are several rooms inside that once brought it to life.

The monster in his left hand threw water from an underground stream. And there is also a rumor that the space in his head housed a fireplace, so when it was lit, it blew smoke out his nose.

Do you know a mystery that we probably didn’t notice when we were dazzled by the beauty of famous places? Share them with us in the comments below.