Smartphones have already become an inevitable part of our lives, and that is something one cannot fail to accept. They have revolutionized the way we work, play, and communicate, with one another, but out of the box, they can be somewhat lacking. To unlock the full potential of your phone, you will need to download and install some amazing apps.

We will help you choose which ones you definitely want to use.

Must-Have Mobile Apps 2020


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iOS and Android

This application is designed for all levels of photographers who want to improve their skills. It allows easy access to advanced functions that will help the user to adjust the focus and light during shooting.

You can make adjustments in real time, zoom with just one finger, and improve the overall quality of your photos.

Good luck

iOS and Android

GoodLook is a mobile guide to a modern lifestyle that offers helpful tips on fashion and beauty.

Using it, you will always know what to wear and how to combine your clothes, keeping up with the latest trends.

Every day, the app offers stunning new looks for men and women designed by professional stylists.

Remote mouse

iOSAndroid and Windows Phone

With this application, you can easily turn your smartphone into a remote control for your PC. This is especially useful when you need to make a presentation or watch a movie, but the mouse or keyboard is low on battery power.



This application helps decrease the use of mobile phones. You can block access to any program for a certain period of time. So you can focus on work or study, instead of being distracted on the phone.



iOSAndroid and Windows Phone

Moovit is one of the best public transport applications in the world today, with more than 30 million users in more than 800 cities. With a new city added every 24 hours, the app offers the most robust and accurate public transport information.

Since public transportation is highly unpredictable, Moovit constantly updates line schedules and tracks changes in public transportation services.



Marvin is a practical e-book reader for anyone passionate about reading. In addition to the standard features, such as the choice of background and font colors, it also has an incredible artificial intelligence mechanism that allows you to discover incredible things about the author, the characters, the story, and much more than a book.

The index, favorites, highlights, and glossary are placed in a separate window. Marvin will sort your books by title, author, series, serial number, date of the change, or reading.

Cool Reader


Cool Reader is one of the best reading tools for Android smartphones. It supports a wide range of file formats, including fb2, epub (in DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (DRM-free), pml.

Here, users can customize text size, font, background color, page margins, adjust line spacing, and screen brightness. You can also use the handy index, titles, and text search options.


iOS and Android

Introduced by Instagram, the design allows you to create fun and unique photo collages and share them with your friends.

Unlimited freedom of creativity is what filters and other amazing tools really offer in this app.

For spontaneous moments, you can use the Photo Booth option. Touch it to capture photos you will instantly see in a design.

Clap! Phone Finder


With this application, you will forget the feeling of panic when you cannot find your smartphone.

Just clap your hands to wake up the phone to produce a sound that can be easily customized. BTW, the app uses very little battery, so its battery will last for a long time.

5K Run


iOS and Android

This training app was specially designed for beginners who want to get fit by running. The ultimate goal here is to run a 5K. With this app, you must train three times a week for 30 minutes over an eight week period.

The program includes running mixed with walking breaks, gradually evolving into more running than walking. An integrated player and an interesting system of bonuses and rewards increase the motivation for training.


iOSAndroid and Windows Phone

SoundHound is a music recognition application that allows you to discover what song is playing around you. You just need to tap the orange button to instantly identify the song and get the lyrics to the songs.

Even if you have a song stuck in your head, just hum the melody or sing a few lyrics and the app will identify the song for you.

MyScript calculator

iOS and Android

This calculator is far from common. You can perform mathematical operations with your handwriting. All you need to do is write the mathematical expression on your smartphone screen, and the app does the rest of the work.

The MyScript calculator will convert your handwriting into digital text and provide the results instantly.