Many of us have heard that men, even into adulthood, continue to behave like children. Some also believe that when it comes to couples, it is women who bring maturity to the relationship. So the scientists decided to confirm that this widespread belief was true, and that’s what they discovered.

We want to share with you a study that has made an effort to investigate the characteristics of maturity in adult men and compare them with those of women.

What Science Says

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A study conducted by the University of Oxford explained that the maturation of the human brain is distinguished by a prolonged development of functional and structural properties of the network that extend into adulthood.

This research aimed to discover which characteristics transform during maturation and which ones remain the same.

The scientists examined the brains of 121 participants between the ages of 4 and 40 using brain imaging. They also monitored changes in different roles, taking into account the age and sex of the participants.

Men Mature Later In Life

The results of this experiment revealed that, although the brains of men and women end up developing the same capacities to operate in daily life, men tend to delay the prolonged development of functional networks compared to women.

Women, however, show a more premature deterioration of these networks. That is why it is said that men mature later than women.

The Female Brain Is More Efficient

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In addition to what was previously reported, there is even more data confirming the increased efficiency of the female brain.

Eduardo Calixto, professor of physiology and pharmacology at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine, explained in a recent publication that although men’s brains are larger than women’s, women are more efficient.

For example, it shows better memory, more neural connections, and detailed perception of color and taste. Calixto said that all this has a hormonal origin.

Thanks to science, we can now safely say that women’s and men’s brains function differently, which explains variations in people’s behavior and emotional maturity.

Did you find these differences in your daily life? Do you think that all men mature later than women? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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