Who loves you fears not giving you enough; those who do not love you fear that you want too much.

To love or not to love is quite obvious.

Especially these three things, men will only give to their beloved women.

Time and energy to continue

The most extravagant person in the world is the one who is willing to spend time with you. Everyone’s time is valuable, giving it time is like giving it your own world.

A man who loves you is always willing to spend time and energy with you.

But some men always excuse themselves to be busy and be out when you need them.

Some men have too many sweet words in the message; in reality, there are very few real actions.

Although you are in love, he always maintains an attitude of detachment towards you; making you feel lonelier than when you’re alone.

The best love is long-term companionship.

If a man is stingy with his time and energy, always busy and never free, then he doesn’t love you either.

Necessary respect and consideration

Trustworthy love is inseparable from necessary respect and consideration.

When a man loves you, he always cares about your feelings and respects your wishes, instead of using a disrespectful attitude, calling you out, and putting you down.

Serena had met such a man before.

All the housework seems to be her obligation, no matter how much she does, she can’t seem to get a word of concern from the other party.

Every time she wanted to express her opinion, the other party blocked her. “What do you know?” and “Men talk, women don’t interrupt” are like knives, stabbing at your heart.

Gradually, she couldn’t tell if the two were lovers or master and servant.

One side is tall and the other side is humble. This type of relationship does not go far and can only be left with pain.

Only a man who knows that you are not easy understands your joys and sorrows is considerate of you from the heart, and respects you, can truly love you.

The title of wife

Some people have been running in love for seven years and still can’t wait for the result.

At first, the man said to focus on work first, and you also expressed your support. But a few years later, the man still showed no signs of letting go.

Even if you take the initiative to mention that you want to get married, the other party always distracts you with various matters.

In the end, you found out that your boyfriend was having an affair with another woman, only to realize that it was his wish to be with you for seven years.

A man who loves you will do everything to marry you, give you the title of wife, and promise you a better future.

Instead of using various reasons to prevaricate, while enjoying your kindness with ease, maintaining shady relationships with other women, consuming your youth, and deceiving your feelings.

Such a man only likes love but does not want to be responsible. He cannot give you the future you want. If you get out as fast as possible, you won’t get hurt.

The person who truly loves you may not be good with words, but their actions will not deceive you.