We can say that most of us like love stories. Although we sometimes say that they are too corny, we fantasize about experiencing something similar. Well, it turns out that some have the happiness of having the planets aligned to make them live a romance full of magical coincidences worthy of a romantic comedy.

We have collected several testimonials from people whose fate seems to have brought them together.


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#2. “Had a (really, really) short fling as teenagers, reconnected after 12 years, fell madly in love, and married within 2 months.”

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#3. A love that is foolproof

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#4. “Married 46 years today. How it started, how it’s going.”

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#6. “My girlfriend and I got each other the same Valentine’s card.”

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#7. “It is possible to have a lifetime of love with one person.”

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In what unique way did you meet your partner? How do you think fate influences love stories?

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