Household tricks are invented to make life easier for us. They are proven by the experience of many people and are guaranteed to work, saving time and effort.

Simple Vacuum Sealing

8 Effective Life Hacks for All Occasions
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Food stays fresh longer in the vacuum pack than just in the refrigerator. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, there is a simple way to do it.

Put a bag of the ingredient in a large container of water. The pressure of the liquid will push the air out of the bag and you only need to close or tie it.

Cocktail Straws For A Bouquet

A bouquet looks more attractive if the flowers are straight and do not disintegrate in all directions. Put the soft stalks of flowers into drinking straws, and the problem is solved.

A Can Opener To Open Clamshell Packaging

Everyone must have dealt with shell packages that cannot be opened, which are securely sealed on all sides.

For this occasion, we have the following hack: just grab a rotary can opener and you will have the item unpacked without breaking a sweat.

Makeup Remover for Stains

8 Effective Life Hacks for All Occasions
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Makeup remover lotion can remove makeup not only from your face, but also from clothes – it can help you remove foundation stains, lipstick, and mascara. If you color your hair at home, this product can remove the color from your skin.

Paper To Absorb Odors

Plastic food containers have pores, so they often retain odors even after washing. Keep a crumpled sheet of newspaper inside so it can absorb odors. Wash the container again before use.

Home Theater

Do your hands start to ache when you watch movies on your smartphone? There is a nifty way to do this hands-free.

Bring a cardboard box, self-tapping screws or thumbtacks, 2 rubber bands, and a smartphone. Put it onto the center of the box, circle its outlines, and cut out a hole

Glue the extra cardboard pieces inside the box so that the smartphone does not fall off. Next, attach the thumbtacks to the edges of the box and secure the smartphone (or tablet) with the straps.

All that’s left is to make a hole for your neck and you can enjoy your new home theater.

Foil For A Touchscreen

8 Effective Life Hacks for All Occasions

Surprisingly, touchscreens react to aluminum foil. If you wrap a pencil in foil, you can get a special handmade pen.

If you don’t have sensor gloves, wrap your finger in aluminum foil and use your smartphone with normal gloves.

Easily Find The Key You Need

If you have a ton of keys and can’t easily find the one you use most often, there is a simple way to literally highlight it. Take the key and drill a hole next to the existing key.

Then put the key back into the ring through the new hole. This will cause the key to project at a different angle than the others, allowing you to find it easily.