You probably don’t care if your friends look tired because you love them the way they are. You may be concerned about their health, but it is unlikely to significantly affect the amount of time you want to spend with them.

However, when you don’t really know someone, their appearance plays a big role in whether or not you are going to interact with them. Therefore, if they look very sleepy, you may prefer to avoid them.

We found a study that confirmed that people really don’t like to see sleepy faces. This is what the investigation said.

Sleepy People Seem Less Attractive And Less Healthy

A Study Suggests the Less You Sleep, the Less People Like You
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25 participants of the study were photographed twice: once after sleeping for 8 hours for 2 days and again after sleeping for only 4 hours for 2 days.

So 122 strangers had to look at these photos and assess how much they would like to relate to the person portrayed in them.

They also assessed the attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and reliability of the participants.

The study found that people were less likely to socialize with those who didn’t get enough sleep, and they also found them less attractive, less healthy, and more sleepy.

However, the brief sleep did not affect whether a person was considered trustworthy or not.

When You’re Tired, You’re Worse At Communicating

A Study Suggests the Less You Sleep, the Less People Like You
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People often associate attractiveness with positive characteristics, like how well you get along with others, for example.

So when they see a tired-looking face with dark circles or puffy eyelids, they may see the sleepy person as less sociable, and in turn, they won’t be as eager to interact with them.

Sleep deprived people actually confirm that they are less sociable and optimistic, worse at understanding and expressing emotions, and less empathetic.

Sleepiness Also Tells People You’re Unhealthy

A Study Suggests the Less You Sleep, the Less People Like You
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Sick people are often tired, and trouble sleeping can also be associated with mental health problems. Even if a tired person is perfectly healthy, their appearance after sleeping for a few hours can make a negative impression on others.

A sleepy face does not look healthy, and human beings tend to avoid illness. That is why someone may be subconsciously less interested in having contact with a sleep deprived person.

Do you prefer to be with relaxed people or do you not care so much? Have you noticed how people react when they don’t get enough sleep?

Please share your thoughts in the comments! A Study Suggests the Less You Sleep, the Less People Like You

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