If you were to catalog the traits you could look for in a potential romantic partner, a “good sense of humor” would probably end up at the top of your list. Evolution has ensured that the ability to play fun games is one of the most attractive qualities in people.

Throughout our history, men have always tried to charm women with their humor, and the funny ones have always succeeded. We have researched how humor can influence our relationships and we’d like to share the findings with you.

Humor Makes A Great Starter For A Romance

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Studies have shown that women are more willing to give their phone numbers to people who make a joke or two first. Because a good and insightful comment immediately communicates intelligence, creativity, social conscience, warmth, and friendship, traits that we all love to see in our partner.

But it only works if the joke is sincere and original, not a memorized phrase from a travel guide.

Humor Smooths Over Your Differences

For new partners, humor can help overcome any embarrassment during the ordeal of meeting. It’s easier to talk about your insecurities and the intimate aspects of life in a lighthearted and goofy way.

It also provides a tool to criticize something about your partner without seeming to be judgmental. Humor gives you diplomatic immunity and your partner, in turn, will not feel attacked.

Humor Allows Us To Work Out Through Conflicts Easier

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Nothing reduces tension like a timely joke. Even when you are upset with your partner, it is difficult to keep a straight face when you have a nervous breakdown. Once everyone is comfortable, you can address the real issue and resolve the disagreement.

Humor creates a much friendlier environment where you can discuss things and be more willing to compromise.

It acts as a buffer against stress, disappointment, and bad times in a relationship. All it takes is a good joke and a good laugh together to make it feel like couples therapy.

Humor Brings You Closer Together

As silly as it may sound, joking around and laughing together is a scientifically proven sign of mutual romantic interest. When you laugh, you create a positive bond between you.

At the same time, it creates a special understanding and a shared space of safety and fun. It’s so nice when your partner understands you, understands your joke, and laughs at you, even if it’s an objectively terrible joke.

Humor Helps You Get Through Hard Times

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Laughter is known to lower stress levels, lift your mood, and make you more resilient. So it’s great to have someone who can always cheer you on. Humor rethinks life’s challenges and puts things in perspective so you can face them.

After a long day at work, a good laugh with the person you love is enough to comfort you and distract you from the things that bother you.

Humor Makes Relationships Overall Happier

Any humorous action with friends or romantic partners increases feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Humor simply increases the enjoyment of any social interaction.

You feel good because you tell a funny joke, others are happy they heard it, everyone is having fun. This is why people often value playful and fun romantic partners.

What is the “inside joke” you play on someone?