Today, I will show you how to start a blog and earn money online. This will be a complete guide to start your blog journey.

I am not a technical or professional writer, just a father who works from home and has two children. I learned and implemented things during my blogging trip, but the first step I am very happy to have taken was to start a blog.

In my blog, I always talked about side-shaking to make money. This turned out to be a great revenue generator for me.

Today, I will show you how to start a blog to make money, even if you are a beginner or not a technician.


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My Journey How I start A Blog

I started blogging seven months ago in Sep 2019 and since then I haven’t looked back. I am already earning full-time income with my blog, and you can do it too.

My journey has been amazing since day one and I love what I am doing so much. Blogging gave me the assurance of having another income, spending time with my family and following my passion to help others.

As for the aspect of making money, I started making money with my blog in the third month and now I am earning more than $ 4000 / month with my blog. What I love is that it has been primarily a passive form of income.

All this would not be possible if I did not take the step of starting a blog.

I never thought that making a lot amount from blogging is possible. So, if you want to take a step towards starting a blog to become a successful blogger, today is the day.

In this post, I will show you the step-by-step process of how to start a blog and make money online and share tips to increase traffic to your new blog.

But first, let me answer some questions you have in mind.

What Is Blog And How To Earn Money?

A blog is like a digital newspaper where you talk about your passions or interests. It is a place where you share and help others with your experience and talks about what you love.

You must choose your niche and your area of ​​interest related to your blog. My blog, StudentGuide, deals with parallel issues, Study Abroad, Foreign Scholarship, International internships, College/Universities, work at home and tips to make money.

Choosing your niche can be a long process, as it should be of interest to you. Use this trick when selecting your niche; If you can create about 30 topics in your niche, then it’s good.

Can Anyone Start A Blog?

Blogging is absolutely a buzz, on the one hand, where you don’t need any knowledge to start and you can still earn considerable income from it.

Whether you are a father who stays at home, a student, a retiree or a person looking to supplement your income, you can start a blog to explore your options to earn money online. You don’t need technical or special skills to write blogs.

Making money with blogs does not require special skills, but requires the same amount of hard work and dedication as any other work at home.

Ask yourself “What do you like to do?”

I like to find new ways to earn money online. I have been working from home for eight years, so I wanted to help others choose an income option regardless of location.

That was when my blog was launched. You should always blog about what you love. Then, try to think about what you are good at.

  • Are you good at making desserts or cooking?
  • Do you love talking about your lifestyle and motherhood?
  • Are you good at organizing things?
  • Do you love money management?
  • Are you a fashion addict?
  • Do you specialize in web design?

There are millions of blogs on each topic, so anything is a possible blog option. Here is a list of 50 successful blogs on every imaginable topic. A little inspiration to start!

How Much Do You Earn With A Blog?

It depends entirely on many factors, but it is possible to get a good income from blogs.

My life changed completely when I started winning in the third month of my blog. Although it was a small amount, it has been growing every day. Now, I am doing much more than that.

If you use the right strategies, you can earn money with your new blog. In some cases, it may take time, but it is possible.

Check the previous month’s report to understand these strategies. Of all the hustle and bustle at home, blogs can offer a great opportunity to earn money online.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

Absolutely not. You can start a blog for only $ 2.95 per month (only through my link for a limited time!) This is almost equal to nothing compared to the possible income you can get from your blog.

You can start a profitable blog for that price, which can earn you more than that.

Bluehost is the hosting provider that I recommend, and you can quickly start your blog for this low price and get a FREE domain as well. Bluehost also has a money-back guarantee, so it is stress-free. If you want to read hosting comparison please check out this article.

Let’s see the details of How can one make money starting a blog.

How Can I Set Up A Blog And Earn Money?

Think of a Good Domain Name

It is the first step you take when starting a blog. A domain name is very similar to your web address. For example, my domain name is

Choose a domain name that relates to your niche, and it may take a while, since not all of the domain names you want may be available.

You can register your domain name with any registrar such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions or register your domain name directly with Bluehost.

There are free hosting options on the web, such as and, but if you want to make money with your blog, you must opt ​​for an automatic hosting option.

With a self-hosted blog, it generates revenue quickly and has all its content. If you want to start your blog journey with the right foot, go with automatic hosting.

I hosted my blog with Bluehost and never had a problem with it. It offers the lowest price for accommodation and I am very satisfied with your support.

2. Get Started

After going to the Bluehost homepage, you will see this screen, click on ‘Introduction now’.

how to make money online

You will reach the website below, where you have three hosting options, namely Basic, Plus and Prime. I have the basic plan and that is more than enough for me. You can always update the plan later, if necessary.

best way to earn some money

Another reason why I recommend the 36-month plan is that it saves you a lot of money compared to the monthly payment.

It covers many things, in addition to a FREE domain, when you subscribe to a 36-month plan, and it costs only $ 2.95 / month!

#3. Register or Connect Your Domain Name

Now is the time to register the domain name you chose previously. If you have your domain name with other hosting providers, you can always transfer it here.

i am student who i earn money online

#4. Choose your package

After providing your information, you will arrive at this screen where you must choose your package.

I started with a 36-month plan at $ 2.95 per month. If you don’t want to opt for a long-term plan, you can opt for a 12-month plan. This saves a lot of money.

As a novice blogger, you don’t have to worry about extras. If you need them, you can always update them later.

#5. Install WordPress

And now, the best part, Bluehost automatically installs WordPress after you sign up for hosting, so you don’t need anything technical.

How To Start A Blog In 2020 And Make $ 4000/month

You just need to log in with your WordPress credentials.

Your blog is ready!

You need a Theme to make your blog look good. You must log in to WordPress and then access “Themes”. There will be some free available for you.

You can always use free themes to create your blog, but if you want to use paid themes, I suggest buy a theme from

Start Writing for Your New Blog

The important thing I did and advised you is to have drafts of at least ten posts before launching your site.

That way, you will have your content ready and you can work on the promotion when the launch occurs.

Try to understand what your readers want, read their comments and know what they need. Writing and promoting go hand in hand.

Writing a post can be relatively easy when you know a lot about your niche, but trying to solve a reader’s problem is something that will receive return traffic.

One thing I do is go to forums and places like Reddit, Quora. Here are discussions, and they can be a goldmine for your blog post ideas.

You can also subscribe to Google Trends, you will get the main trend news about your niche, which can be a good topic for the post.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

When I launched my blog for the first time, I followed all the steps mentioned above and began promoting it intensely, and ended up getting more than 16,000 visits in the first month of my blog.

The content is king, but the promotion is the audience.

Here are some tips to best ways of increasing your blog traffic.

  1. Before launching, inform your friends, family, and others about the launch of your blog. That way, from the first day of its launch, you can see good traffic.
  2. It is also an excellent time to start growing your list. You can have a landing page where readers can subscribe to your list.
  3. Set up your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram from the beginning.
  4. Share the news of your blog on social networks and promote everything first, to see where you get the most traction. Do not try to be on all platforms; It will be very tiring for you. Once you find out where you get the most traffic, focus more on that channel.
  5. Join relevant Facebook groups for your niche and promote it. As you have an audience in these groups, you can see an increase in traffic.
  6. Share your posts regularly on your Facebook page, and most Facebook experts say that sharing 4 to 5 posts shows good reach on Facebook.
  7. Use Pinterest a lot. I didn’t concentrate on Pinterest in the first two months of my blog, but after the third month I was using this platform and I saw that my traffic numbers increased exponentially. Pinterest has been excellent for many bloggers and can also work wonders for you.

It can be very complicated to enter the game of Pinterest. You can take the help of tools like Boardbooster or Tailwind to program pins. I use both together with my manual fixation.

Always try different social media channels with different times, types of posts and see what works. I experimented a lot with my calendars and the types of posts I share.

When I started with Pinterest, the growth was very slow, I investigated what worked on these social networks and began to fix this content.

No two social media channels are the same and one strategy may not work for another.

Getting organic traffic is a more stable way to keep your traffic numbers. SEO takes time and you need to learn a lot. I am just starting with SEO and will keep you informed about my traffic.

Here Is some Basic SEO Resource To Boost Traffic For New Blog: 20 Proven Ways To Drive High-Quality Traffic To Your Blog

How to Monetize Blog And Earn Money

How To Start A Blog In 2020 And Make $ 4000/month

There are several ways to monetize a blog, such as graphic advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, product sales, etc. You can also Monetize the blog by placing ads on your blog. Here is a list of Best Ad Networks.

  • Adsense
  • Propeller Ads
  • Popads
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Revenuehits
  • Bidvertiser

The amount you can earn from each of these methods depends on your traffic and reach.

I love affiliate marketing, and most of my blog comes from affiliates. It is the most passive way to make money with a blog.

You must register as an editor for affiliate programs such as iGain, Flex Offers, Shareasale, Maxbounty. Once accepted, you choose your brands and start promoting.

Final Thought

Blogging is a very lucrative side shake or, for that matter, a full-time income increase for me. It gave me the freedom to pursue what I love, instead of changing my time for work.

It has proven to be a very flexible and profitable option to earn money for me (I am a non-technical total) and it can work very well for you too.