The human brain performs thousands of tasks every day. How can we make it work more effectively? We discovered 15 different ways to “charge” your brain to 100% capacity. You’d be surprised how much this could dramatically improve your life.

How To Improve Brain Power And Memory

A Set Of Daily Exercises For Your Brain


How it works: They improve your concentration and analytical abilities several times over within a week.

What you should do:

  • Clean your teeth using your passive hand;
  • Draw using your passive hand;
  • Watch foreign films with subtitles;
  • Learn to juggle;
  • Select different routes in place of the normal ones.

The Mozart Effect

How it works: Listening to a certain kind of music increases your brain’s productivity by 15%.

What you should do: Listen to the music of Mozart for 20-30 minutes before the start of the working day. This will relax you and also regulate your body’s biorhythms.

An Exercise For Developing A Fantastic Memory

How it works: This unusual game with dice teaches you to remember information momentarily. It is used to train special agents.

What you should do: Take 3-4 dice, throw them down, and cover them with your hand. Raise it for a second, then cover. What was the number on each dice? Gradually increase the number of dice. Play this game for 5-7 minutes a day.

Your Brain Needs Sleep

How it works: The brain requires up to 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Darkness stimulates the production of melatonin, which regulates the body during sleep.

The presence of light produces cortisol -the stress hormone – which reduces sleep quality and appetite and causes depression.

What you should do: If you sleep in a dark well-ventilated room, your brain will relax and gain strength faster, improving its functioning by 30%.

Intellectual Games Develop Logic And Strategic Thinking

How it works: Chess, Scrabble, dominoes, and poker all keep the brain working fast and increase logical thinking by 10% a day.

What you should do: Play one of these games 2-3 times a week. Raise the difficulty level each time. Your concentration and logical thinking will noticeably improve after 2 weeks.

Your Brain’s Special Menu

How it works: Certain food products and chemicals raise your brain’s productivity.

What to eat: Fish, dark chocolate, cheese, olive oil, radish, soy, garlic, figs, spinach, bananas, and especially apple juice and quail eggs.

Keep Everything Under Control!

How it works: If the levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood are normal, then the brain will be in good working order.

What you should do: Regularly check your health with your doctor.

The Pythagoras System Can Improve Your Memory To The Max

How it works: This exercise trains your brain to retain any information and to foresee the future.

What you should do: At the end of the day, write down the main events that occurred, dividing them into those that produced positive and negative emotions.

Add in what you planned to do and what’s been done. Analyze what you should do to increase the amount of positive emotions. Look at your notes the next morning.

Eventually, your brain will remember various events weeks and months later and take the best decisions based on them.

The Brain Needs Vitamin A Cocktail


How it works: Vitamins C and D and the vitamin B group improve your brainpower by 10%.

What you should do: Vitamin C is contained in fruit, vitamin B in nuts and beans, and vitamin D in sour cream, hens’ eggs, and liver.

Reading is Everything!

How it works: Reading books increases your vocabulary, develops empathy, and improves analytical abilities by 15%. You should alternate between different kinds of books each week.

What to read:

  • Classical literature from different countries;
  • Books related to work;
  • Books connected to the subject in which we plan to become an expert in 5-7 years;
  • Other books, from poetry to romantic stories to children’s books.

Physical Exercise Strengthens The Brain

How it works: Sport forces the body to work properly, stimulates blood circulation, and provides the brain with oxygen.

What to do: Spend 20-30 minutes exercising every two to three days.

Nicotine Suffocates The Brain

How it works: Nicotine reduces the brain’s efficiency by 20%.

What you need to know: After giving up smoking, your brain needs 6 months to return to normal functioning.

Our Bodies Love Friendship And New Acquaintances

How it works: Socializing provides us with new knowledge and increases brain productivity by 10%.

What to do: Don’t talk to negative people, but talk to different people every day, choosing a conversation partner who’s cleverer than you.

The Brain Loves Sunbathing

How it works: Sunlight regulates blood circulation, produces healthy substances, and stimulates the development of vitamin D and serotonin, making you cleverer and happier.

What you should do: Ultraviolet light penetrates the clouds, but not glass, so you can sunbathe only out in the open but in any weather.

The Best Stimulator For Your Brain Is Love!

How it works: Love stimulates creativity, analytical thinking and inventiveness, improves your ability to cope with stress, and makes you happy.

What to do: Devote 1 hour a day to love. Listen to your loved ones’ stories, hug them, give compliments, smile more often, and take pleasure in doing something together.