Studies suggest that showing others that you really care about them will not only bring you lots of friends, but also a promotion at work. Psychologists say that likable people are more likely to have successful careers, and that’s no coincidence. Friendship coupled with trust makes us more attractive, which in turn makes others feel attracted to us.

We know how important it is to leave a good impression on people, that’s why we have compiled 6 tips to make you more affectionate and self-confident.

When Offered With Coffee Or Tea, Ask For Water

Before a job interview begins, you are likely to be given coffee or tea. Even if you’re having a hard time taking a sip of a hot beverage, remember: You’re at a job interview, not a coffee shop. Someone would have to run to the kitchen to place their order, and waiting for them would create an awkward silence.

Instead, ask for a glass of water. Not only will it cool you down, but you won’t bother people, which always makes a good impression.

Nod While People Talk To You

Nodding your head while people are talking is a good habit, as it shows them that you are participating in a conversation. When you nod your head, your interlocutor will know that you are paying attention to what they’re saying.

However, be careful not to overdo it: moving your head too much indicates an insecure person who tries to agree with everything.

Ask People For Their Opinion

Most of us are hesitant to ask people for opinions or advice for fear of upsetting them. What we forget is that people like to feel appreciated. By asking for advice, you will show that you value their opinion.

Since people are often attracted to other people who think highly of them, chances are they think the same of you too.

Instead Of Telling People You Have Leftovers For Them, Tell Them You Made Extra

Our choice of words is a big part of how others perceive us and how they feel around us. If you offer your friends something you cooked earlier, don’t tell them they can try the leftovers.

This will make them feel like you’re just looking for a way to get rid of leftover food so you don’t have to throw it away. On the contrary, saying that you made extra food would sound much better, as well as leave an impression of you as a caring person.

Reveal Your Flaws

No one is perfect, so there is no use pretending to be flawless. Neglecting one’s faults is a characteristic of insecure people. So if you don’t want to appear insecure about yourself, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

People who reveal their imperfections are seen as more honest, which is a sign of a lot of confidence. Also, others will find you more likable and attractive, since they will be able to relate to you instead of seeing you as a threat.

When Bringing A Dish For A Group Of People, Put A List Of Ingredients In A Visible Place

At some point in your life, you will probably attend a party or celebration where everyone is expected to bring something to eat. If you are uninformed about other people at the event (for example, co-workers), write a list of ingredients on a piece of paper and place it in a food container.

That way, people with allergies, food sensitivities, or dietary restrictions will know what they’re eating without having to worry about whether the food contains something they shouldn’t be eating.

Do you have any tricks to help you be more understanding? Share them with us!