Everything from updating social media to finding a place to park takes up some of our precious time. But hardly anyone knows exactly how long these little things take in our lives.

And it can be quite surprising, if not shocking, to see how much time people spend in different activities without even realizing it.

We have done some research and want to show you some curious numbers that may make you want to change your priorities.

Trying To Fall Asleep

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Experts calculated that people spend a whole 7 years lying in their beds at night, counting sheep. Some experts recommend getting out of bed if you can’t sneak out to the Land of Nod in 20 minutes.

Playing and spinning endlessly only increases your anxiety. It is best to drink a cup of hot tea, read a book, listen to soothing music, and go back to bed when you feel sleepy again.

Searching For A Parking Spot

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We all enjoy the benefits of owning a car until it is time to find a place to park. And that activity takes 248 days from our lives! For some of us, that number could become a good reason to see public transportation from a new perspective.


An average woman spends about 8.5 years of her life shopping. It seems that all men know this little secret and prefer to take care of something more meaningful, why else would they hate this activity so much?


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For many of us, weight loss is a never-ending battle. This can be especially true for women. According to research by the Diet Chef, women spend about 17 years of their lives on diets.

Getting Ready

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“Aren’t you ready yet?” is the question that almost all women have to hear on a daily basis. And studies confirm that men prepare much faster than women.

An average woman spends around 136 days of her life getting ready (and that number doesn’t include 287 days trying to pick the right outfit), while a man only needs 46 days to get ready to go out.


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While it may feel like the time you spend in a gym is pretty much the same as an eternity, reality tells a different story. We exercise only 1 year and 4 months of our life.

Screen Time

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On the contrary, it may seem that the time you spend looking at your phone, television, or any other gadget passes quickly, but that is also wrong.

The average citizen spends about 11 years of their life looking at a screen. Now look again at how much exercise we do, maybe that’s why we need to spend about 17 years on a diet!

What activities take up most of your life? what would you like to change?