After much testing and a lot of paperwork, the researchers noticed some connections between habits and personality traits. Punctuality, the way a person carries a bag, or how a toilet paper roll is placed can tell a little more about character than you might think.

In fact, you can become a modern-day Sherlock Holmes and surprise someone with not-so-obvious conclusions based on your everyday habits.

We decided to learn more about habits, and we want to share some of our curious discoveries with you.

6. The Way You Usually Wear Your Bag

6 Habits That Can Tell Strangers Too Much About You

In an interview, a body language expert shared that the way you usually carry your bag can reveal some curious things about you.

If your bag hangs at your elbow with your arms bent: This is generally a position for professional women. It projects confidence and royals often hold their bags like this.

Hold the bag under your arm like a bag: this means that you are usually relaxed and not overly concerned with your appearance.

If it hangs over your shoulder: You don’t feel the need to hide anything. It is also a practical way to carry bags.

Hold the bag at the bottom, by the handles: it may say something about insecurities, because it is not the most practical way to carry it.

The body language expert adds that these signs are not necessarily true for everyone and are not always consistent. However, it is more revealing if a woman carries a bag in a certain way very often as a habit.

5. The Way You Store Your Toilet Paper

The way the toilet paper roll hangs is important, according to this life coach and doctor. Reveal that this determines whether you have a controlling or laid-back personality.

The doctor examined 2,000 men and women and found that those who rolled the toilet paper “on top” were more dominant. People who pulled the paper out from underneath turned out to be more submissive.

4. The Way You Take A Selfie

6 Habits That Can Tell Strangers Too Much About You

The researchers also found some patterns of behavior in the way someone takes a selfie. It turns out that friendlier people are more likely to take pictures from below.

At the same time, more conscientious people are less likely to show a private background space.

Personalities that are open to new experiences are more likely to display more pronounced positive emotions. Anxious people tend to make a “duck face,” according to the researchers.

3. Your Walking Style

Body language experts have noted the connection between your walking style and your personality. Therefore, people with slumped shoulders tend to be sad. And we bounce along if we’re happy. If we change our walk, we can change our mood.

Furthermore, our gait can serve as a clue to vulnerability. Researchers suggest that you can detect a vulnerable person by their walking style.

When you tilt your head, it can indicate that you are sensitive and weak at the moment.

2. Your Handshake

A person’s handshake can also be related to some aspects of their personality, as research has shown. People with firm handshakes are more outgoing, so they are more open to new experiences.

They are also less neurotic and shy than those with flabby handshakes.

1. The Amount Of Time You Spend On Your Phone

6 Habits That Can Tell Strangers Too Much About You

Scientists have noted a correlation between a person’s “addiction” to their cell phone and their emotional stability.

During the study, participants were asked to rate statements such as: “I spend more time than I should on my cell phone” and “I get agitated when my cell phone is not in sight.”

As a result, it was found that people who were addicted to their phones and spent a lot of time on them tended to be more anxious and neurotic.

What habits do you have? In your opinion, what habits can say a lot about someone’s personality?

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