There are many intriguing corners of the world that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to visit. And in all cases, each has his own reason for being so inaccessible.

These places inevitably attract intense interest from tourists and adventurers but are still almost impossible to reach. We decided to lift the veil over the secrets of these places and take a look at what is hidden there.

Forbidden Places In The World

5. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

Access restricted to high-ranking officials

5 Intriguing Places In The World Tourist Not Allowed to Visit
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Mount Weather is a secret haven for the United States government. The FEMA Operations Center is hidden underneath the mountain and can manage the country in the event of a disaster and any resulting emergency situations.

Some of the center’s structures are built on the ground and are managed and protected by a separate branch of security and emergency services.

Inside, the center is governed by its own laws and outside it is prohibited.

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4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

A storage facility to be used in times of catastrophe

Inside a mountain on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, at a depth of 120 meters, a tunnel was built in which a constant temperature of -18 ° C is maintained.

Humidity is kept to a minimum and the microclimate of the tunnel is regulated by an automated system.

This is where humanity’s last hope of reviving the natural world in the event of an unforeseen catastrophic event is safeguarded.

Seed containers preserve the agricultural heritage of all countries in the world, so no person can enter for fear of damaging humanity’s chances of survival.

Source: wikipedia

3. Vale do Javari Reservation, Brazil

5 Intriguing Places In The World Tourist Not Allowed to Visit
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Indigenous tribes have inhabited the Amazon rainforests for many centuries. Aerial photographs demonstrate the existence of those who have not yet been touched by the outside world.

In the Vale do Javari Reserve, there are around 14 tribes who have no knowledge or experience of the outside world and whose lifestyle revolves around agriculture.

The researchers found eight more villages there, leading them to estimate that the combined population of indigenous peoples could reach 2,000.

For their safety and preservation of their lifestyle, the authorities prohibited people from entering an area of ​​the Amazon jungle of approximately 77,000 square kilometers.

Source: wikipedia

2. Club 33, New Orleans

The secret society that’s closed to all outsiders

In 1967 Walt Disney founded a club that brought together famous investors, eminent public figures, and politicians under one roof.

You will never be invited to visit “Club 33”, and no one who walks through your mysterious door will never find clues to your name.

The rumor is that it is not simply the number of members it has. For those who are curious enough, they can visit the club if they wait 14 years and pay an initial amount of $ 10,450 (for individuals) or $ 27,500 (for companies).

Additionally, each year, individual and corporate club members must pay $ 3,275 or $ 6,100, respectively, to maintain their membership.

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1. The magnetic island of Es Vedrà

Closed to protect people from the effects of unpredictable energy

The rocky island of Es Vedrà is one of the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain, and is said to have the third most powerful degree of geomagnetic force on Earth (the first and second are the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole).

However, the island does not have metallic deposits, since it is completely formed by volcanic rocks.

Here, the technology fails and you cannot rely on your compass to point in the true direction – the arrow will chaotically move in different directions.

The mysterious Es Vedrà is involved in heartbreaking legends and stories. The Spanish government has prohibited anyone from visiting the island, declaring it as a nature reserve.

Some claim that local Spaniards occasionally organize illegal tours of the islands. All you can legally do is look at the island’s coastline from the water.

Source: wikipedia