Parents are some of the most important people in the world. They take care of their children, raise them, and are increasingly becoming stay-at-home parents. But it turns out that they pay more attention to their daughters, and their behavior and brains are influenced by their sons’ gender.

We are ready to say what it means and how it can affect a child’s future. One study showed unexpected results of parents’ interaction with their children, and we invite you to delve into that with us.

The study included 52 parents of sons or daughters between 1 and 2 years old. The researchers observed how parents interacted with their children and did MRI scans of their brains. They found that the gender of the child has a direct effect on what the relationship with the parents will be like.

Spending Time With Dad

A Study Claims Dads Are More Attentive to Daughters

First, the daughters ‘fathers sing and whistle more with them than with their sons, while the sons’ fathers engage more in rough and forceful play, like tumbling and poking. Thanks to this, children are more likely to be popular with their peers.

Fathers’ Response To Emotions

A Study Claims Dads Are More Attentive to Daughters
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Parents respond best to the happy faces of their daughters. But the children’s parents responded more to their neutral facial expressions. This may mean that men with daughters like to see their sons’ happy faces more than men with sons.

Dad’s Talking

A Study Claims Dads Are More Attentive to Daughters
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Parents even speak differently to their children. With children, parents use achievement language. But with their daughters, they talk more about their bodies and emotions and use analytical language.

This communication can lead to body dissatisfaction for girls as well as academic success.

Attention From Dad

A Study Claims Dads Are More Attentive to Daughters

And last but not least, fathers are more engaged and receptive to daughters than sons. They also pay more attention to girls and their sadness. This can help girls develop empathy better, but boys can become emotionally closed adults.

Love Is The Answer

A Study Claims Dads Are More Attentive to Daughters
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As you can see, these seemingly small details and actions can have a huge impact on a child’s future life. Of course, each parent chooses how to raise their child. But it is worth remembering that gender is not everything and love is much more important.

Do you think that a child’s gender influences their relationship with their parents? Or is it about love and affection?

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