The comments of our relatives or loved ones are usually words of comfort for the soul that help us feel a little happier. But sometimes, your words can hurt. It is possible that they do not perceive something in the correct way, although it is a totally healthy habit and beneficial for our well-being.

Ideas about how to do things are embedded in social norms and many of them don’t make sense. That is why we made a compilation of some actions that usually have a bad reputation in the eyes of others, but that can be very good for those who practice them.

Taking Time For Yourself

Wanting to take a few days off or cancel plans to stay home and watch movies on the couch while wearing a mask is totally healthy and valid.

Researchers even say that spending time with ourselves helps us see inside ourselves and get to know ourselves better so we can work on what we want to change.

Doing Things Alone When They Are Normally Done With Other People

Going out with friends and loved ones is not only fun but also good for our health. But going to the movies, a restaurant, or visiting a museum does not necessarily have to be done in the company of another person.

You don’t have to be afraid to do activities on your own. You can enjoy your independence while improving your concentration (since everything depends on you), putting your interests first, regardless of what others think. You can also become more empathetic.

Speaking To Yourself

Suddenly thinking out loud doesn’t mean a person is crazy, although we may be teased for doing so. Verbalizing our thoughts means taking them out to better organize them.

In addition, according to experts, it helps us reflect, increase our memory, clarify our ideas to give us peace of mind, solve tasks faster, reduce the feeling of loneliness and guide our actions.

Taking A Moment Before Answering

In a world that lives at 1,600 kilometers per hour, where communication is instantaneous, taking too long to respond to a message, either virtually or in-person, often causes anxiety and discomfort in the recipient.

But the truth is that it is totally valid, and it is much better to take the time to think and give an adequate answer than to talk nonsense.

Going To Bed “too Early” Or Waking Up “too Late”

We’ve probably all heard things like, “Are you going to sleep yet? You are a grandmother!” or “Do you wake up at 11 am? You’re lazy!” But the truth is that we are all different.

Everyone has their own routines or problems, which makes it difficult for them to fall asleep or need more sleep, and this should not be questioned or subject to opinion.

Saying No To Others

Rejecting a proposal that does not convince us or that we simply do not want can make others uncomfortable and even make us feel guilty.

But saying “no” doesn’t have to be scary or negative, as it helps boost our self-confidence and gain more self-esteem, and choosing what we want reinforces our freedom. Saying “no” is valid and must be totally respectable.

What things do you do that is good for you but that others criticize? What action do you think should no longer be frowned upon?