Everyone knows that marriage is hard. But what do you do when your marriage is suffering? What’s the best way to get through it? If you’re looking for answers, therapy might be the answer. And while there are plenty of reasons why couples should see a therapist, here are some of the most common ones:


Communication is key. If you are not communicating, you are not working as a team. Communication is a skill that can be learned, improved, and mastered. It is also used for good!


Infidelity is a common problem in marriages. It can be a symptom of other problems, like a marriage that has lost its spark and isn’t fulfilling anymore. Or it could be the case where one or both partners are cheating on each other behind their backs with someone else – this is known as an affair.

Infidelity often occurs when one partner feels like the other has stopped being attractive to them sexually (or romantically).

This can also happen when one person feels like there isn’t enough affection coming from the other spouse anymore and decides to look elsewhere for some love instead; this might even lead up to an affair by itself because if there isn’t enough affection coming from your spouse then you’ll start seeking out something else instead!


  • Communication is key.
  • Being open and honest with each other is essential in a marriage.
  • Listening to each other is crucial, not only for understanding your spouse but also for learning how to better understand yourself.
  • Compromise is always possible if you are willing to change and learn from mistakes made during the course of your relationship. This can help strengthen your bond with one another as well as allow you both more freedom in what you want out of life together!


You might have sex once a week or twice, but you still struggle to talk about your sexual desires.

It’s not that you don’t have any—you just can’t verbalize them.

You may have never even considered the idea of talking about sex with your partner before now because it is so uncomfortable for both of you.

Family issues.

Family issues can affect the health of a marriage. The family is like a second home to you and your partner. So when it comes to your relationship, you will want your kids to grow up in an environment where their parents are happy and love each other.

But if there are problems within the family system, it could cause conflict in marriages instead of bringing them closer together as they should be.

If this happens often enough then it becomes hard for couples who have grown used to living with such stress every day because they don’t know how else would they cope with it unless they seek professional help from professionals who have been trained in dealing with such kinds of issues beforehand so that no one gets hurt physically or emotionally during these times when things seem hardest most difficult times;

however even though sometimes these things happen unexpectedly but we always need support from friends family members etcetera…


Parenting is a team sport. It takes two people to raise a child and there are no guarantees that either parent will be able to do it alone. Both of you need each other to be good parents because parenting is not just about the kids!

You can’t parent alone; you have to work together as a team. If one person doesn’t understand what’s going on with their child or if they don’t know how they feel or what they want out of life, then there will be conflict within your relationship and in the household itself—and this could affect both kids’ development as well as yours (and possibly even theirs).


Sex is a big deal in a relationship. It’s important to talk about sex and how you feel about it because if there’s something bothering you, it could be affecting your sex life negatively.

Sex also has many benefits: it helps keep marriages happy and healthy; improves intimacy between partners; increases love for each other by building trust; improves communication between partners (sex can help couples avoid arguments); makes parents happier and helps children develop better relationships with their parents.

If one partner needs more attention than the other due to work or personal issues that affect their relationship then this may affect sexual activities as well as intimacy levels between spouses which would cause problems down the line when trying to raise kids together later on down road after having had kids already themselves first before getting married themselves back then again later still again sometime later yet another time too soon before moving out together into separate homes away from each other physically but still emotionally attached through Skype calls every night before bedtime too late at night so late I don’t think they’re getting any sleep anymore because we haven’t had enough time off lately either–which means less energy left over here today than usual–and so much pressure coming up next week even after another long holiday weekend!

Relinquishing control.

One of the most important lessons to learn during marriage counseling is to relinquish control. As a couple, you will learn how to trust each other and in your relationship.

It can be difficult for couples who have been married for some time and are used to having a lot of freedom in their lives that they don’t want to take away from them.

They might feel like they need more control over everything around them just because they’ve been together for so long! But this is not true at all—you don’t need as much freedom as before because now there’s someone else with whom you share everything with: your lives together!

This means less stress on both sides since nothing gets left out anymore; instead, there’s always someone watching over things so nothing goes wrong (or maybe even better).

Couples don’t need to be on the verge of divorce to benefit from therapy.

Couples who go to marriage counseling before their marriage is over are happier in their marriage. Couples who go to marriage counseling after the divorce are more likely to get divorced again.

If you’re thinking about going through a divorce, it’s important that you talk about your feelings with someone who can help you understand what’s happening and how you feel about it. There are many professionals out there that can help couples learn from mistakes made during previous relationships so they don’t repeat them again later on down the line!


If you’re a couple and want to improve communication, address any issues you may be having with your partner, or just have more fun in your relationship, then marriage counseling is definitely something worth considering.