Each trip abroad offers many emotions and new impressions. But we are often held back by the idea of ​​money, as traveling is considered an expensive luxury.

We invites you to visit countries that offer incredible leisure and rest without having to empty your wallet.

7. Romania

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Accommodation: from € 6 (hostel); from € 11 (hotel)

Food: from € 3

Transport: from € 0.34

Romania is where reality and fairy tales meet. There is much to explore: Scarisoara Cave, Astra Park, Transfagarasan Highway, Peles Castle, Merry Cemetery, mud volcanoes and much more.

When you come by plane or car from Chisinau, you will be amazed by the magnificent views, the picturesque architecture, and the affordable prices.

Accommodation may vary by city. In hostels, prices start at € 6 and in hotels at € 11. You can also live in a mini-bungalow by the sea from € 8.

Delicious Moussaka, Ciorba, and other foods are served in outdoor cafes, where you will not spend more than € 3 or € 5 if you want to eat in a regular cafe.

Milk, bread, rice, chicken breast, and cheese cost between € 9 and € 11. Public ground transport costs € 0.34 and a one-day metro pass costs € 1.10 in Bucharest.

6. Laos

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Accommodation: from € 4 (hostel); from € 9 (hotel)

Food: from € 2

Transport: from € 2

This emerald country is famous for being exotic. It is a wonderful option for those who dream of affordable eco-tours to the Bokeo Rainforest, the Bolaven Plateau, and picturesque rivers, mountains, and waterfalls.

For example, you will spend € 9.50 on an 8-hour kayak trip to the Vang Vieng Caves. It’s easy to find a hostel for € 4 or a hotel for € 9.

The menu is also very different: potatoes with meat (€ 2), crepes (from € 1), prawn soups (€ 3), yogurt (€ 0.50), bananas (€ 0.50 for 53 ounces or 1, 5 kg).

A bus between cities costs between € 4 and € 20, bicycles are offered for € 6 per day, and you can also rent a bike for € 1.50 per day or reduce the price of a tuk-tuk.

5. Portugal

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Accommodation: from € 8 (hostel); from € 16 (hotel)

Food: from € 4

Transport: from € 1.85

Everything is possible in magnificent Portugal: walks along the beautiful beaches, horseback riding in Madeira, wine tasting in the Alto Douro, the beautiful Palácio da Pena, whale watching near the Azores and much more.

You can rent a room in a hostel (from € 8), in a hotel (from € 16) or in a house near the sea. The most popular dishes are Bacalau with Cod Vegetables (€ 3-4), Grilled Fish (€ 2), and Hot Rolls with Stuffing.

Eating in a cafeteria costs around € 11 for 2 people. You can also prepare a great dinner if you buy meat (€ 7) or chicken (€ 6), shrimp (€ 9 – € 11), mussels (€ 2.50), cheese (€ 5) and fruit (€ 2).

And if you want to visit Lisbon museums for free, get discounts in shops and not pay for transport, you can buy a Lisboa Card.

4. Bulgaria

Accommodation: from € 7 (hostel); from € 15 (hotel)

Food: from € 2

Transport: from € 0.51

Bulgaria awaits you to visit its seaside resorts: Golden Sands, Nesebar, Sozopol, Sunny Beach and more. You will be inspired by the Seven Rila Lakes, the Belogradchik Rocks, the Valley of the Roses and the ancient Melnik.

Hostels are very cheap (from € 7). If you want to live in a hotel by the sea, prices start at € 8. In the country’s capital, prices start at € 15 and a bungalow will cost around € 12.

Dinner in a restaurant for € 4, have breakfast in a cafeteria for € 1.50, and pay € 10 for lunch for 2 at Mehana.

You will pay € 12 to € 14 for bread, cheese, potatoes, chicken, fruit, and wine if you buy everything at the market. Public transport costs € 0.51 and € 1 to € 3.50 between cities.

3. Peru

Accommodation: from € 5 (hostel); from € 11 (hotel)

Food: from € 2

Transport: from € 0.40

The most vivid association with Peru is Machu Picchu. This Inca city is wonderful and you will be surprised to see its legendary Lake Titicaca, the giant waterfall of Gocta in Chachapoyas, the views of the city of Arequipa, the Amazon jungle and the Oasis of Huacachina.

There are cheap hostels (from € 5) and hotels (from € 11). Don’t forget to try their traditional cuisine: ceviche, anticuchos, burrito, tacos, and pisco sour cocktails.

In local cafes, you can taste chicken with vegetables (€ 2), lunches cost between € 3 and € 5 and a buffet lunch will cost € 8.

If you buy bread, chicken breast, eggs, fruit, and cheese in a store, go pay about € 10. Public transport costs € 0.40. A bus between cities costs € 1 € 3. You can also order a taxi for € 4 € 8.

2. Poland

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Accommodation: from € 7 (hostel); from € 17 (hotel)

Food: from € 4

Transport: from € 0.80

Poland will offer you the opportunity to explore its elegant capital, see Malbork Castle, marvel at the mountain lakes in the High Tatras, and enjoy the beautiful ski resorts. And Poland always pleasantly surprises with its low prices.

Hostels often offer discounted rooms (from € 7), and an average hotel room for 2 people can cost € 21 in Krakow and between € 17 and € 21 in Wroclaw.

If you buy milk, bread, eggs, rice, potatoes, onions, chicken breast, and wine, it will cost you about € 11. A cappuccino or a glass of beer costs € 1.60.

You can eat in a cafe for € 4 € 6. It’s worth getting a travel pass valid for 1 or 2 days with SkyCash or paying through the CallPay website.

1. Nicaragua

Accommodation: from € 4 (hostel); from € 10 (hotel)

Food: from € 2

Transport: from € 1

If you visit Central America, you won’t regret buying a ticket to Nicaragua.

You can rent a room in a hostel for € 4 or in a hotel for € 10. It is more convenient to eat out for € 2-8. And there are lunches that cost from 2 to 3 euros in a square in Granada.

Public transport costs € 1 or more, a taxi to other city costs at least € 25. You can travel and enjoy the views of Granada, the Momotombo volcano, parks with orchids and exotic birds, white sand beaches of Las Millas, Laguna de Apoyo, dances in San Juan del Sur, walks in the Bosavas National Park full of wild monkeys, and many other amazing things.

Have you ever visited any of these countries? Share some tips with us in the comments!

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