An American survey found that approximately 34% of people claim to have experienced love at first sight. It is universally known that love is the deepest emotion we can feel that requires both compassion and affection. As a result, it is crucial for us to know if our partner we spend time with is in love with us.

We strive to spread love among its audience, we decided to share these psychological tips on how to know if your partner really loves you.

Signs Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

Posing Their Muscles Around You

If they are posing or flexing their muscles while you’re around, it could be a sign that they like you or have a crush on you. Maybe they want to show more of their strength and height.

It has been shown in studies that when they show that they are strong enough to protect you, it means that they have a secret crush on you.

Looking Into Your Eyes

Longer eye contact is because both parties are interested or excited about each other. In general, when a man loves or wants to know more about a woman, he makes deep eye contact.

On the other hand, women sometimes look down when their partners approach them through the eyes.

A Gap Of 48 Hours Between Conversations

If it’s been more than 48 hours since you spoke, it’s a red flag. Frequent exchange of words is a good sign that your partner loves you.

If no conversations take place during this period, the result may be one you don’t want to hear. The person may not like you as much if they don’t call or text you.

If Your Pupil Dilates

You will notice a dilation of your pupils if you look into your eyes continuously. When that happens, you are in safe mode because your partner loves you. Oxytocin and dopamine, the 2 “love hormones”, influence the size of the pupil.

Every time we feel attracted to someone, we produce more of these chemicals in our brain. Apparently, this causes our pupils to dilate.

Their Cuddle Is Pain-relieving

Headaches are sometimes frequent for a variety of reasons. By hugging the ones you love, you can simply cut them out of your life. This is because science has shown that kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding hands create beautiful experiences.

The after-effects are far-reaching – they can even help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, fight disease, and more.

No Breakups In 5 Months

There are times when you end things 2 or 3 months before starting the relationship again. It is very common and normal. But it can be dangerous if it happens frequently.

On the plus side, if you haven’t had a breakup in 5 months, then there’s something special between you.

Try these tips out with your partner and let us know in the comments how many of you scored well!