Whether it gives us a chance to hear our children better or to let fresh air in, leaving the bedroom door open turned out not to be the best option.

There are a few reasons why we should make closing the door a habit at night, the most important of which is that it can put our safety at risk.

We always want to keep you safe, which is why we want to give you the most common reasons why you need to start closing your bedroom door.

You Will Have A Better Chance To Survive A Fire

Why We Shouldn’t Leave Our Bedroom Door Open at Night
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If you leave your bedroom door open when you go to sleep and there is a fire, it can spread to your bedroom faster. A closed-door will give you more time to act and save yourself from the fire.

This will keep the room temperature below 100 ° F, which is much more tolerable than 1000 ° F. Also, toxic smoke doesn’t spread as easily.

It Blocks Out The Noise And Will Give You A More Sound Sleep

If you live in a noisy environment and are a light sleeper, you will probably have a hard time falling asleep.

Therefore, closing the door is a great option, even if you are not used to it. In addition, a closed-door will also prevent the sounds of roommates who are night owls.

It Increases Your Chances Of Reacting Faster In Case Of Burglars

Why We Shouldn’t Leave Our Bedroom Door Open at Night

A room door that is closed or, better yet, locked can give you a chance to take action if you hear that someone has entered your home or is about to enter.

This will also allow you to be more secure while you wait for the police to arrive and save you.

According To Feng Shui, A Closed Door Keeps Positive Energy Inside

One of the Feng Shui principles about bedrooms is to avoid sleeping with the door open. This is because all the positive energy in the room can escape.

This opens your room to negative chi. Closing it will prevent this and give you a sense of security and protection. You will also have a calmer and more peaceful mind.

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?