We don’t all feel like experts at having conversations, but there are many psychological tips and tricks that can help you start a conversation and attract other people around you.

These tricks are used by psychologists and simple people in their daily life. We found 15 psychological tricks for you that really work.

15. If you don’t know what to say, let your conversation partner tell you about themselves. Use active listening: nod your head, ask open and enlightening questions, show empathy if the moment is sad, and smile if your partner is saying something funny.

14. To make contact with a person, try synchronizing your breath with the breath of your conversation partner.

13. Usually, psychologists use this trick, but the question “Did I understand you correctly that…?” can be useful to anyone. This will make your interlocutor realize that they have listened to you carefully and can be evaluated more critically.

12. This advice is not very ethical, but it is effective: if you want to feel more secure among others, imagine that you are a king or a queen and others are your servants. Don’t overplay.

11. To avoid being uncomfortable at an event or party, arrive a little earlier. This will give you time to choose a comfortable place and to get used to the surroundings or the people. Also, people who are late tend to receive more attention than those who arrive on time or earlier.

15 Psychology Tips That Can Make Anyone a Conversation Guru
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10. Do not put bags, books, or other things between you and your partner if you are sitting at a table. If you have something and you don’t know where to put it, hold it with one hand. If you hold it with both hands, it will look like a closed pose.

9. To make your thought sound important, say that you heard it from your parents or teachers.

8. If you are arguing with a chat partner, don’t stand in front of him, but stay with him; This will help decrease the degree of drama.

7. When you say “I need help,” the person feels important and needed, even if you simply ask to borrow a pen.

6. If you need to shake someone’s hand, warm your hands in advance. Warm hands create a better impression.

15 Psychology Tips That Can Make Anyone a Conversation Guru
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5. If you have been invited to an event or party and you are not sure if you want to stay longer, let them know in advance that you are coming, but you do not know how long you can stay because you are waiting for an important call.

4. Imagine that you were already hired during a job interview and that your current meeting was scheduled to discuss the terms and make sure, again, that it was the right choice.

3. Improve your mood before a meeting so that you feel happy. This will make the people you meet happy too and will associate your good mood with you. Emotions are connected with memory. If you make people happy and laugh, they will remember you and those memories will be good.

2. If you borrowed someone’s food container, return it full of cookies. It is not expensive, but that person will immediately sympathize with you.

1. If you have trouble remembering people’s names, say the name you just heard a few times during your first conversation with the person. This will help you to better remember their names and develop a positive attitude from the person towards you.

What other psychological tricks do you know? Tell us about them in the comments!