We all have different habits that we don’t realize are weird or annoying until someone points them out to us. However, not everyone has the courage to admit that our habits are somewhat peculiar.

So when these 8 people found themselves in such a situation, they decided to share the quirks of their loved ones online to find out if anyone else does things the same way as them.

#1. “This is what my husband does with his dirty clothes… there are 4 baskets.”

© metalchode / Reddit

#2.  “The way my wife eats pizza.”

© db***650 / Reddit

#3. “My husband insists this is normal…”

© spicyicecream / Reddit

#4. “The way my wife eats watermelon…”

© hehesf*** / Reddit

#5. “My husband put this back in the fridge.”

© escape_button / Reddit

#6.  “My wife refuses to use the sink strainer because ’it gets clogged too easily.’”

© ResponsibleQuarter42 / Reddit

#7. “The way my husband hangs his pants… on a pants hanger.”

© Embarrassed-Park-957 / Reddit

#8. “I’m a big believer in finishing the job, so my wife leaves the tab attached, so she doesn’t have to get up and throw it away.”

© games***mer7 / Reddit

Which of these people’s habits made you cringe? What is your loved one’s quirky habit?

Preview photo credit db***650 / Reddit