When we’re single, we often dream of finally meeting our Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. But when we’re married, we can’t help but sometimes miss the good old days when we could do whatever we wanted and just have a good time alone.

And no one can relate to this more than the people featured in this article. They are all happily married, but when asked what they miss most about being single, they totally answered.

We can definitely relate to some of the things mentioned in this article, and while it’s awesome to share your life with your soul mate, sometimes we all miss sleeping like a starfish or eating an entire pizza alone.


Not being beaten in my sleep. We have a king-size bed, and you can fight your dream ninjas on your side of the bed!

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Money. My money was my money to do whatever I wanted.

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Which of these posts resonated with you the most? What do you miss about being single?

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