All nationalities are beautiful in their own way because nature has given everyone their unique appearance. Still, the Internet resource for travelers, Big Seven Travel, decided to vote and find out which nationalities are considered the hottest.

1.5 million people participated in the vote and the site listed the 50 most attractive nationalities. We got the aesthetic pleasure to see all the photos on the list and now we want to show you the top 10 nationalities.

10. French

© thylaneblondeau / instagram© jaadbelgaid / instagram

9. Costa Rican

8. English

© sukiwaterhouse / instagram© davidgandy_official / instagram

7. Armenian

6. Italian

5. South African

© trevor_stuurman / instagram© thom_nguka / instagram

4. Australian

3. Brazilian

2. Danish

1. Ukrainian

Do you agree with the result of the vote? What nationality would you give first place? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Hayk Kasparov / facebook