Sometimes it seems that our whole life consists of a long struggle against our emotions, laziness, and temptations. And sadly, victory is not always on our side. However, with a few psychological tricks, you can easily overcome any problems you may face.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 ways to help you better understand the inner workings of your mind, allowing you to bring your life under control.

6. Treat Yourself With Kindness

Psychologist 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

Treat yourself with kindness, learn to forgive yourself for your own weaknesses, celebrate your successes, and don’t condemn yourself for your mistakes.

The fact is, your brain not only protects your health, but it also determines your mood. So when you condemn your own mistakes and weaknesses, your brain is desperately searching for a way to cheer you up.

And the easiest way to do this may end up being the only thing you’re trying to avoid.

5. Avoid Accepting Any Free Stuff

We all got in touch with offers of free services and gifts in stores, clubs, hairdressers, etc. It’s best to decline to receive something for free if you want to avoid wasting excessive amounts of money in the long run.

You probably won’t notice it, but your brain will see getting something for free as a kind of debt to be paid, and it will start to feel like you owe something.

In turn, you will end up making a spontaneous purchase or see an increase in the price of something as acceptable.

4. Read As Many Books As Possible, But Do So Little By Little

Psychologist 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

Do you love to read, but you think you don’t have time to dedicate to your favorite hobby? Establish a certain number of pages in a book that you need to read every day.

When you read, your mind is stuck with thoughts of how much you have to do to finish the book. You couldn’t guess, but your brain is not a fan of long-term projects as it spends a lot of energy on them.

To counter this, just read a little each day – 10 or 12 pages won’t strain your mind.

3. Learn To Train Your Brain In The Same Way You Train The Muscles Of Your Body

Try to visualize your desires, not specific objects that you would like to have, but the abilities that you would like to have or the circumstances that you hope will one day exist.

Take some time before bed to practice this exercise. Just as blood flows to your arm when you lift a weight, your brain will also respond to the mental “load” of this visualization exercise.

Flexing your brain in this way will increase your motivation to make your dream come true, shortening your path toward it.

2. Don’t Waste Your Time Chatting When You’re At The Gym Or After Your Workout

Periods of physical exercise or extreme stress make the individual more talkative than normal. At such times, you are more likely to reveal a well-kept secret.

This is because physical exertion activates your “fight or flight” mechanism, speeding up your pulse and breathing.

Your brain reacts to this situation as if it is in physical danger and tries to offer all its reserves of strength to help you cope.

In the end, all of this makes you a great target for those who want to get into your head. Bear this in mind if you work out with people you know!

1. Lay Off The Games On Your Smartphone

Psychologist 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

It’s time to give up all those smartphone games that are supposed to “develop brain power and attention span”; they do not work.

If you really want to protect the health of your mind, play a sport. During physical exercise, the blood rises to the head and this helps stimulate the brain much more than any puzzle on the screen.