Wherever there are rules, there are always exceptions: this is how our world works. And although in most cases it is driven by logic, from time to time we find some errors in the matrix.

We mentioned some things that don’t make sense and we have some questions for the universe.

9. This is complicated.

8. English is creative

7. Why are rubber ducks yellow and mallard ducks brown and green?

6. Why is the letter “W” called “double U”, even though it is obviously double “V”?

9 Illogical Things That Exist in Our Lives

5. Why the grades A, B, C, D, F? Why is there no E?

In the past, E was also used in the classification system. Today it still exists in some schools, but they mainly skipped the “E” after simplifying the grading system and used the “F” because it is the letter that the word “failed” starts with.

4. School desks get smaller at each subsequent educational level.

9 Illogical Things That Exist in Our Lives
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3. Why do cartoons portray that mice love cheese, even though they don’t like it?

2. Germany has another logic.

9 Illogical Things That Exist in Our Lives

If you speak English, you are probably used to saying “twenty-four.” However, in German, they change the order and say “four-twenty”.

1. The flags of Romania and Chad are almost identical.

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