Starting a new relationship with someone you really enjoy is fun, upbeat, exciting, and heartwarming. Still, no matter how well you complete or how deep your feelings are, the relationship can become monotonous, exhausting, uncomfortable, and sometimes even conflict with your individuality, needs, and personal desires.

The truth is that the initial state of bliss that “wraps” any new relationship is determined mainly by the enthusiasm of the novelty.

You know each other deeply in various aspects of your life or in various situations, you come to meet each other’s friends and family, you exchange opinions, you experience each other’s hobbies, basically, the two of you start to paint a rosy future together.

No one can deny the power and excitement of discovering another person deep down in their soul and, at the same time, rediscovering themselves in a new relationship.

Still, as time often wears off most things in life, it can radically affect your feelings and interests, your level of connection, and your attitude towards one another, as well as your desire and willingness to keep things going.

Wise couples (you know the ones most people say “they were meant to be”) turn to wine and get better with age. However, many relationships disappear after the arousal phase ends and separate like oil and water.

How to Have a Better Relationship

If you want your relationship to have the long life it deserves, take a look at our 7 things you can do to have a better relationship.

7. Have a Positive Attitude Towards Life

7 Things to Do for a Brighter Relationship

Everyone wants to be surrounded by happy people who enjoy the moment and make the best of everything.

A constant attitude of dissatisfaction, complaint and irritation: it attracts negative emotions, creates bad mood and, implicitly, creates bad relationships between people.

Having and maintaining a positive attitude towards life makes you a more attractive partner and, at the same time, makes you a happier person overall.

6. Love Yourself

Your partner does not want to be the object of your sacrifices. He wants you to be happy with him as much as he wants to feel good about you.

You both need to be satisfied and fulfilled with your own individualities in order to attract the same emotions in your relationship.

Most importantly, you must preserve your own personality beyond the things you are doing to please the other person.

For example, it is fine to wear an outfit that you like from time to time, but it is detrimental for both of you to change your style and wardrobe for what the other likes or hates.

This is the secret to nurturing vitality and ongoing interest in your relationship: preserving yourself and sharing it with another person at the same time.

Do the things you like separately (practice your hobbies, see your friends, continue your studies), strive to remain the fun and wonderful person you were when you first met, and at the same time, keep investing and improving yourself.

5. Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Wants and Needs

7 Things to Do for a Brighter Relationship

Men and women are different and inherently share different perspectives on the relationship and what makes them happy in life.

Taking action by controlling and trying to change your partner into liking the things you do and taking the actions and reactions that you deem fair – it’s a great instant game for your partner and extremely frustrating for you.

You must recognize that your partner is not your true reflection or possession. It’s natural for your other half to want different things and have different needs than you.

Can you accept them? Can you fulfill some? In that case, act accordingly. If not, be honest about it and see where things go from there.

4. Show Admiration and Gratitude

If you are in a relationship with someone, it goes without saying that you appreciate them for a number of qualities, the way they treat them, how they make you feel, etc.

The key here is to REMIND your partner CONSTANTLY just how much you admire the things he/she does for you and the way those make you feel.

3. Be Careful with Words

“Words cut deeper than swords” is more than language. It is a universally valid truth.

You cannot eliminate an offense, an insult, a humiliation, a lie or any verbal abuse. It doesn’t matter how much you regret after the storm has passed.

It will irreversibly stay in the back of your partner’s head and “scar” her/his feelings or opinions about you.

2. Show Respect

Any type of healthy relationship must be built on the foundation of mutual respect.

Respect is multi-level and shows that you have common sense and value the person for what they are and stand for.

Therefore, you must respect them verbally (see item 5), you must respect their opinions and decisions even when you do not agree with them, you must respect your friends and family, even if sometimes it is only for the sole reason that “they come with the package “.

1. Be Empathetic

We all go through periods of stress, we have bad days and moments of laziness and several factors affect us that alter our spirit and self-esteem.

Having someone other than you accentuate your bad mood rather than improve it is even worse.

So, try to cheer up your other half when they are depressed, accept that your partner may be upset about something that doesn’t affect you (and vice versa), and show compassion. Remember that every once in a while, we all need alone time.

So, are you ready to light up your relationship with these 7 easy and natural things?

Author Kyle C