In some hotels, rental places, or shops, the security of the cameras can be excessive. And not releasing information about indoor cameras is illegal in most countries and raises privacy concerns. There has been an increase in the number of news stories from all over the world, from South Korea to Australia and even Miami, just to name a few.

The truth is that it became very easy to find and buy these types of products. And technological advances allow them to be much smaller and also easier to install.

How To Find A Hidden Camera

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

The good news is, with a little research and some knowledge, there are ways to find any hidden camera. As most of them will be connected to a network, with some detection equipment or an App, it is possible to scan radio frequencies or verify the number of connections in the network.

But a physical search can be more reliable and make a difference. So let’s see how to do this and where to start.

Know What You’re Looking For

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

There are cameras day and night. Many have motion sensors, which means that they only turn on when something moves nearby and triggers them. That is why doing physical research is a good option.

They come in different sizes and with different resolutions. However, regardless of type or size, all cameras need a clear, unobstructed view.

Start By Observing The Place In Normal Light

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

Start by looking at the location in normal lighting conditions. See if you find strange or awkwardly placed items. Remember that a camera needs a good point of view, without obstacles.

A strange spot on an object or a wall, a shiny bump on an object, cables that don’t appear to belong to the equipment they’re connected to, or plugs or adapters plugged in for no obvious reason are all suspect.

Check If You Can Hear A Buzz

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

The cameras emit a low hum when turned on. See if you can hear anything in general as you move around the area. Pay special attention in areas such as bathrooms, near the bed, and in common or work areas.

See If All Surrounding Objects Are What They Seem

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

Check that all items are where they should be and are working properly. Situations where an object has a strange hole or a lot of wiring, or situations where there is more than one object with the same function, are awkward.

In the dressing room, always test mirrors with a simple trick: touch the mirror with one finger and see if there is a gap between your finger and its reflection.

In a normal mirror, there is a normal space. But in the false two-way mirrors, there is no space. Don’t use a fitting room where fake mirrors are used.

The most common places to hide spy cameras inside a house are electronic devices, being the most common; then there are smoke detectors, electrical outlets like power adapters, digital TV and Internet boxes, wall sockets, air filter kits, or alarm clocks.

Other popular objects to consider are wall clocks, pens, lava lamps, tissue boxes, books and shelves, hairdryer shelves, and teddy bears. Plants (between the leaves) and pots are also common, as are sofa cushions, hangers, tabletops, and wall hangings.

Use A Lantern

6 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Changing Rooms and Hotels

If you find something strange, such as a hole or bulge, but are not sure if it could be a camera or just something normal on the object, shine a bright light directly. If it is a camera, it will reflect a “bluish” light when you do this.

What To Do If You Find A Hidden Camera

If you find a spy camera that has not been revealed to you, you should leave immediately and call the police.

Do not interfere or try to verify anything else. It could be erasing the evidence the police need. Remember, it could have been the owner/landlord of the place, but it could also have been planted by an invader for some other reason.

Have you used any of these tricks or do you know someone who has done them? What other tips would you use to protect yourself in such a situation?