We are used to seeing news of attacks on television and the Internet, but generally, we think that this will never happen to us. Unfortunately, no one is immune from attackers.

It is better to be prepared for all the twists and turns of fate. We’ve put together 10 Self-Defense helpful tips that we hope you never need to use in real life.

Most Effective Self Defense Techniques

10. Clench Your Hands Correctly

10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life
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The debate about what is most effective in a fight, a fist or a flat hand, or is an old one. Most of the time, however, your hand automatically closes before a hit.

The important thing here is to do it without hurting your fingers. Don’t expose your thumb, but don’t hide it either – this can lead to fracturing.

Don’t neglect the use of the palm of your hand in a fight – this type of punch will be more surprising.

9. How To Break Free Of Cord

The main thing to do is to leave some room for air. If your hands are tied, keep them clenched in fists. If your body is being tied, inhale so that the diaphragm expands.

The more space there is between you and your ties, the more chance you have of escaping.

8. How To Break Free Of Duct Tape

10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life

If your hands are glued together, you can easily tear them apart: raise your hands above your head and push hard. This method can be applied even if your hands are caught behind.

7. Remember Vulnerable Areas

You are likely to be less physically strong than your attacker, so you should rely on the element of surprise. Remember to hit as hard and fast as possible.

If you think or aim too much, your opponent will discover your intentions and get even angrier.

6. Use The Materials On Hand

Use any object that can help. Your pouch can serve as a shield against a knife assault (just don’t press it too close to your body); your scarf can be thrown into an attacker’s face to buy a few seconds.

Umbrellas, bags, and even small changes in your pocket can be of help. Keys are one of the best tools, just don’t waste time trying to use them as a knuckleduster.

5. Keep Your Pepper Spray In The Right Place

10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life
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There is no point in keeping a pepper spray in your bag if there is a bottomless black hole inside.

Attacks generally occur unexpectedly, and you should obtain your defensive tool as soon as possible. Keep it in your pocket so you can use it immediately and escape.

4. If You’ve Been Grabbed By The Hand

10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life

You can escape from a handgrip by using the “rule of thumb”: turn your hand towards the attacker’s thumb. Remember that you should do it in a quick, sharp jerk.

If the assailant realizes your plan, he will squeeze your hand with all his strength. In that case, use your feet: hit him in the groin and knees and step on his feet as hard as possible.

3. If You’ve Been Grabbed By The Hair

10 Self-Defense Tips That Might Save Your Life

One of the most common ways to attack is to capture the victim’s hair. This technique is not only painful but also provides almost complete control over the victim’s body.

First, take the attacker’s hand with both hands – this will allow you to regain control. Then it’s time to re-use your feet. As soon as you feel that the attacker’s hand has loosened its fist, let go of it and run.

2. In The Elevator

Everyone knows that you should not get on the elevator with strangers and it is best to get out if someone suspicious enters after you.

Get used to keeping your back where the buttons are on the wall. It is better to press a button for your fellow traveler than to let the elevator than to let him stop the elevator and get stuck between floors with him.

1. In A Car

As in the case of the elevator, it is possible to avoid an attack. In addition to the standard rule of not getting in a car with strangers, you can tell someone over the phone (or at least write it down) the car’s number, color, and destination for your driver to see and hear.

If an attack still occurs, target vulnerable areas: groin, nose, and eyes.

A Few More Rules You Might Find Useful

Be on guard. Music on your headphones, your smartphone screen, or just the habit of looking under your feet can distract you from an attacker’s perception. Occasionally, look around and behind you: if the assailant loses the element of surprise, he can change his mind about the attack.

Keep your distance. Try to avoid being cornered at all costs. Even if the attacker is attacking you, don’t back off. Escape and try to change your movement path.

Keep your palms in front of you. This is not just a defensive position (just make sure your hands are level with your chin and elbows half bent), but also conciliatory. This is a way of saying, “Calm down. We will solve this in peace.” At the same time, it informs the attacker that it can react.

Run. Even if you master all the tricks, you will not become a superhero. There is no need to test your physical strength against an attacker. Its main objective is to remain in one piece. These are its three immediate objectives: wrench free, disorient the attacker, escape.