If you’ve been friends with someone for more than 10 years, then you must be happy that your friendship has stood the test of time. You may have many friends, but not all of them are as special as the person that comes to mind when you are reading this.

And the good thing about friendships is that they age like fine wine: the older the friendship, the better!

We are happy to find that friendships that last for more than 10 years are very special. And if you have a 10-year-old friend, you probably relate to the following.

Distance Doesn’t Hurt The Friendship

Why Friendships That Last More Than 10 Years Are Special
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It would be great to be around your friend and see them whenever you want, but sometimes life has different plans and they end up drifting away from each other.

But the good thing is, it won’t hurt the value of friendship. Being a friend for more than 10 years has its advantages, and one of them is that you can count on the basis of a friendship to remain intact, even if you do not see each other for a long time.

And when you see each other, you have a great reunion that is sure to be filled with giant, squishy hugs.

You Can Always Count On Each Other, Even If Sometimes You Don’t Talk For Weeks

Why Friendships That Last More Than 10 Years Are Special
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The great thing about long-lasting friendships is that you both know that sometimes you can be too busy to even pick up the phone and there are no hard feelings about it.

Your friend won’t be mad about it, and sometimes it may be weeks before the two of you have a proper conversation.

And when it finally does, it will be as if nothing has changed and it will pick up where it left off.

You Both Know Each Other’s Deepest Secrets

Why Friendships That Last More Than 10 Years Are Special
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There’s a reason your friendship has stood the test of time, and it’s because you two get along so well.

When someone has been a friend of yours for a long time, you are bound to drop the beans and tell them all your deepest secrets.

You’re open to each other, and even though you are not the touchy type, you will probably tell your friend more than most people know about you.

They Know Your Most Embarrassing Stories

10 years is a long time. And during that time, you’ve probably been there to witness some truly embarrassing moments.

But, unfortunately, friends never let you forget these embarrassing stories, even if they happened a long time ago!

Your friend will always be there to remind you of that stupid thing you did, whether you like it or not …

You Have A Ton Of Crazy Stories Of Your Past Adventures

There was probably a time when you went on a crazy adventure together and will always bring back these great memories.

You may lead different lives now, but you will always remember the “good times” when you did crazy, and sometimes stupid things together.

And you both know that these are the memories that count in the long run.

You Were There For All The Big Moments

Why Friendships That Last More Than 10 Years Are Special
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Graduations, job promotions, weddings, and birthdays – both were present at all the great moments in life. Even if you are very busy these days, you can’t miss your best friend’s big time.

No matter what, you always have time to get together and celebrate the things that matter.

They’ve Seen You At Your Best And At Your Worst

Why Friendships That Last More Than 10 Years Are Special
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Your friend knows your real version. Some people may know only the tip of the iceberg, but your friend saw it in its rawest, unfiltered form.

They were with you in the difficult moments and they were with you when you shone the most. And that’s why your friendship is special because you know it’s true.

Do you have a friend that came to mind while reading this article?

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