The best universities in many countries excel in education, job prospects, and campus life.

This increases the demand from students and creates fierce competition among applicants. To regulate this, colleges have an “acceptance rate” so students know how likely they are to be accepted into the college of their dreams.

Let’s take a look at which universities or colleges have the highest acceptance rates and offer students a great opportunity to study abroad.

What Is the Acceptance Rate Of University

It’s the percentage of students that a school admits to their incoming class based on the total number of students that applied. The acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the total number of applications.

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in the USA

Top-tier universities and Ivy League schools in the US have the lowest acceptance rate due to high demand. Entry requirements are always high.

Here is a list of the best schools in the US and their acceptance rate (highest to lowest). The list is for the fall intake of the year.

UniversitiesHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
New York University (NYU)32%84%
The University of California, San Diego (UCSD)30.2%87.2%
Northwestern University28%93.5%
University of Michigan- Ann Harbor26%90%
The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)17%92%
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)17%91%
Carnegie Mellon University15.4%88%
Cornell University15%93%
Johns Hopkins University14%94%
University of Pennsylvania10%95.2%
Brown University9.3%95.5%
California Institute of Technology (CalTech)8%79%
University of Chicago7.9%94.2%
Duke University7.6%94.5%
Yale University7%97%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)6.7%92.7%
Princeton University6.5%97.6%
Columbia University6.1%95%
Harvard University4.92%98%
Stanford University4.34%94%

These are additional top US universities with a reasonable acceptance rate that we recommend:

UniversitiesHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
Arizona State University88.4%56.2%
Auburn University85.1%76.6%
Kent State University84.4%55.9%
Florida International University50%73.1%
University of South Carolina68%75.4%

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in the UK

The UK is a country with a rewarding culture and student life.

Just like in the US, the acceptance rate at the best universities is quite low and they have high entrance requirements.

Here is a list of the highest to lowest acceptance rates of the best UK universities (Autumn admissions data).

UniversitiesHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
Aberystwyth University96.1%78.2%
University of Roehampton93.9%93%
Bishop Grosseteste University92.2%91%
University of Portsmouth89.9%69%
York St John University89.4%72.83%
Leeds Trinity University89%77.99%
Nottingham Trent University88.9%93%
Newman University, Birmingham88.7%57.1%
University of Exeter88.7%91.85%
St Mary’s University, Twickenham88.3%78.7%

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in Canada

Canada is the second preferred destination for international students to continue their studies. They have a top-notch education system, friendly immigration, and visa policies, and a safe environment to study.

Canada is one of the top destinations where the best universities have high acceptance rates.

UniversityHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
University of Brunswick74%70%
Toronto University of Management60%78%
Wilfrid Laurier University55%89.1%
Lakehead University55%77.3%
Ryerson University55%94%
University of Guelph50%85%
University of Montreal50%75.25%
Concordian University50%58.5%
Memorial University of Newfoundland50%60%
Carleton University40%94.2%
University of British Columbia35%97%
University of Waterloo35%99.69%
McGill University35%85%
University of Alberta30%76.4%
Dalhousie University30%67.1%

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in Ireland

Ireland offers quality education in engineering and technology. With a vibrant student population and new institutions, many of the best universities in Ireland have a high acceptance rate.

UniversityHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
Maynooth University73%80%
University of Limerick70%95.5%
Dublin City University63%92.66%
Technological University Dublin61%90.72%
Griffith College Dublin60%96%

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in New Zealand

You will have an amazing experience abroad as a foreign student in New Zealand. Check out these institutes with the highest acceptance rates!

UniversityHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
University of Otago70%74%
Victoria University of Wellington64%96%
University of Canterbury50%92%
Auckland University of Technology50%75%
University of Auckland45%96%

Top High Acceptance Rate Universities in Australia

Another country that tops the list of study destinations has universities with the highest acceptance rate.

UniversitiesHighest acceptance rateGraduation rate
La Trobe University100%56.4%
James Cook University79%56.12%
University of the sunshine coast66%63.3%
Charles Darwin University60%83%
University of Canberra43%55.74%

How to apply to these top universities?

The step-by-step process for the universities with the highest acceptance rates is pretty standard. You have to make sure that

Visit the official website of the university you wish to apply to. Create a candidate profile using your mobile phone number or email credentials.

Complete your profile by uploading the required documents. Explore the admission process and the courses offered at each admission.

Select the course you wish to follow and pay the registration fee. The cost of registration varies according to the university and the chosen course.

Finally, sign up and track through your account. You may be required to attend a virtual interview conducted by some colleges.