The United States attracts more than 1 million international students each year, which is why it is considered one of the best destinations to study abroad. Universities in the USA charge an average application fee of 50-100 USD.

An excellent education comes at a high cost, so it’s important to save every penny you can upfront. One way to do this is to apply to some universities in the USA without application fees for international students if you are going to several institutions at the same time.

If you are concerned about the cost of studying in the US, we have a list of universities with no application fee for international students. Universities in the USA without application fees for graduate international students, the application process, and other costs involved in the application process for US schools with no application fee are discussed on the blog. Let’s go over them!

Universities In Usa Without Application Fee For International Students

The United States has always been the top preference when thinking of studying any course abroad. International students have been working hard to apply to the best universities here. Most students have to pay an application fee to apply to any university, creating a barrier to adjusting their expenses.

Did you know that there are several universities in the US that do not accept application fees?

This benefit helps you, as a student, to apply to the best universities here without additional expenses. But with fierce competition, getting seen in your dream college is a challenge. You have to be the best to land that offer letter. Here’s how Yocket’s Kickstarter initiative plan can help you.

Below are 20 Universities you can apply to without an Application fee.

  1. Yale University.
  2. University of California, San Diego.
  3. Texas A & M University, Kingsville.
  4. Case Western Reserve University.
  5. Arizona State University.
  6. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
  7. University of Arizona.
  8. Carnegie Mellon University, Adelaide.
  9. Saint Louis University.
  10. Michigan Technology University.
  11. Tufts University.
  12. University of Illinois, Chicago.
  13. University of Connecticut.
  14. Northeastern University, Boston.
  15. Colorado State University.
  16. University of Buffalo, SUNY.
  17. University of Colorado, Denver.
  18. Illinois institute of technology.
  19. University of California, Riverside.
  20. Clemson university.

Why search for American universities with no application fees?

Studying in the US requires a large financial commitment, and while an application fee of $100-$300 may seem like a small expense compared to the investment you’re making, it’s a great way to keep your finances in check.

Especially if you are eager to apply to many institutions, you should select some US universities with no application fee for international students.

Let’s say you want to apply to 3-5 universities in the US, and each of them has an application fee ranging from 100-300 USD. This way, you will end up spending USD 300-1200 alone. Including 1-2 secure options to support your free application fees for US universities will help you save money that can be used to offset other expenses prior to arrival. So select universities with a free application fee for international students in the USA without a doubt.