There was a time when studying in the US was just for graduate study or majoring abroad. With more and more students choosing a bachelor’s degree abroad, the process now starts earlier. About 40% of international students are educated in the US after grade 12, that is, a bachelor’s degree.

The large number also demonstrates the number of opportunities and benefits of starting your trip abroad earlier. Whether you’re in the 12th grade or about to finish high school, this guide will help you with the opportunities and processes for studying in the US after 12th grade.

Guide to Study in the USA After 12th Grade

Many international students are earning degrees in the US, which means they likely immigrated to the US after 12th grade in their homeland. This shows that studying in the US after 12 is popular with international students.

Even if you are considering moving to the US for higher education after 12th grade, you should start planning with your family at an early age. You will need a few years to prepare well and get admission to a good university.

This article will help you make the right decision and also clear all your doubts about studying in the USA after the 12th.

How to Study in the US After Grade 12

The first requirement to study in the US after the 12th is a clear command of English. IELTS and TOEFL are great ways to prove your command of English. To look at English-speaking universities, you must have a certain level of proficiency in the English language.

The general requirement is 6.5 to 7.0 bands, depending on the courses you choose to study. The exact requirements for a course can be found on the course pages and on university websites.

However, you can also find some institutions to look at in the US after grade 12 without IELTS.

Another important requirement to study in the US after the 12th is SAT scores. Colleges depend on many things along with the academic and extracurricular performance of the students for admission and the SAT is one of them. An SAT score between 600 and 800 is a competitive SAT score for colleges in the US.

The student must be eighteen years old for some of the courses, and sufficient monetary funds are required to demonstrate this for the duration of the program.

After receiving an acceptance letter, the applicant must apply for a US student visa.

Science Subject In Usa After Grade 12

Students who want to study in the US after 12th grade bring the science stream, we’ve brought you some great options. Let’s first review the US study after the 12th non-medical.

Pure Sciences

For students who are unwilling to pursue natural sciences such as chemistry, biology, or physics with a bachelor’s degree, Pure Sciences is a way to go.

Not just theoretical, courses in the US have immense research output and practical exposure to make your study abroad worthwhile. Here are some of the courses in the US after 12th science.

Bachelor of Biology from California Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Physics at Stanford University
B.S. in Biological Chemistry from the University of Chicago
BSc in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University
BS in Applied Physics from Columbia University

Engineering In Usa After Grade 12

The most popular show in the country is also one of the best in the US. STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are one of the best streams available in the US.

In addition, the period has been increased to Optional hands-on training for STEM students. Here are the best engineering colleges in the US to look forward to:

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University
B.E in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University
B.S.E in Structural Engineering from Princeton university

Medical In Usa After Grade 12

The MBBS is designated MD or Doctor of Medicine in the US. If an international student wants to take the MBBS in the US after the 12th, the student must attend the SAT and enroll in the 4-year medical degree courses. The 2 main courses after medical degree 12 in the US are:

Licensed in medicine,
Bachelor of Surgery

Commerce In Usa After Grade 12

Next, we have mentioned the courses in the US after trade number 12 that an international student can take. You can choose any field to study there such as Economics and Finance, Accounting, or Management.

Economics and Finance:

If you are interested in investment banking, auditing, and other branches of economics, there are plenty of options to study for a bachelor’s degree in an economics-related field in the US.

Top US Universities for Economics and Econometrics according to QS World Rankings (all in the top 5):

Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Stanford University
The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
Princeton University


Accounting and Finance is another great option for Commerce Flow students to study in the US after grade 12. Every industry needs accounting professionals, always.

Therefore, career opportunities after an accounting degree are something to look forward to. These are some of the accounting courses you can look forward to.


Now, business and management courses in the US are something students of both streams can take. If the business is something you have on your mind, there is no better destination to study than the United States.

The MBA can come after a bachelor’s degree and some experience, but there are several US business and management degree programs to apply for.

Arts Subject In Usa After Grade 12

If you belong to the field of arts, there are an equal number of careers waiting for you in the US. From hotel and tourism management to humanities and architecture and fine arts, there are a number of courses to study in the US after degree 12. Here are the courses in the US after 12 arts you can explore:

Fine arts
Arts and Humanities
Hospitality and Tourism Administration
BA in English/Philosophy/History

Study in the USA after the 12th with a Scholarship

As we can see above, studying in the US after the 12th can be an expensive affair. As we can see, the average fees for undergraduate studies in public universities are around $13,000. To help with this obstacle, there is study abroad scholarships, grants, and fellowships.

Before applying to a course to study in the USA after the 12th, check this scholarship website.